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Transcript of Presentation pitch Museum Project

  • 1. Project My personalized Collection By: Mona Salmani Connie Huanca
  • 2. Background
  • 3. The Idea Digitally collecting your favorite dance clips, music pieces and pictures from the museum using your mobile phone or a borrowed device, and storing them in a personal folder or link from the museum.
  • 4. more about the idea Free to borrow a device Connect with the museums own mobile site, directly after scanning the QR-code or by using NFC to begin Otherwise, download application to your phone Create your own tour A fee for those who want to keep their created folder Free coffee in lounge area
  • 5. Why and for Whom? Offer visitor more visual information Create your own collection and memory of museum Retrieve information Share on social networks Those who are familiar with smart platforms
  • 6. Technical Implementation NFC-technology Scanning QR-Code Download an application
  • 7. The Next Step Design a lo-hi Prototype User Testing Refine collecting activity Technical Investigation
  • 8. Thank you for Your attention!