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  • 1. NC LIVE WORKING FOR NORTH CAROLINA A statewide awareness campaign supporting economic development and quality of life through North Carolina libraries Report from the field presented by Jill Robinson Morris, Outreach & Promotions Librarian at NC LIVE Reference Renaissance 2010 Denver, CO August 10, 2010
  • 2. What is NC LIVE anyway?
  • 3. Setting the scene
    • Busy developing a new website
    • It was Februaryand National Library Week was coming up in April
    • We wanted to begin driving traffic to our new website in its Beta version
  • 4.
    • Our Mission:
    • NC LIVE provides North Carolinians with online library and information solutions that support their education, enhance statewide economic development, and increase their quality of life.
    • Goals for this campaign:
    • Introduce North Carolinians to NC LIVEs new website
    • Increase usage of NC LIVE resources/content
    • Increase awareness of NC LIVEs content and services among North Carolina citizens
    • Develop on-going support for NC LIVE among key decision makers
    • We didnt yet have a well-developed marketing or promotions plan in place telling us what to do and
    • who to target
    • Whats going on in the world, and how do we fit in?
      • Recession/Job-hunting resources are getting libraries a lot of good press, and for good reason
      • High unemployment rate in North Carolina > 10%
      • Push for job creation and small business growth
      • State Library of NC started their JobSearch Program in 2009
    • We started talking to our committees and local experts
    • We already had great tools to support those seeking jobs, careers, and business information:
      • LearningExpress Library
      • 200 Career/Job-search eBooks
      • Career Library
      • Business databases, such as ReferenceUSA, SimplyMap, Business Source Premier, Morningstar, etc.
    • The problem: These tools were not easy to find and we werent doing a great job of highlighting these tools within our current website.
  • 7. We are still relatively new to the reference game a screenshot of our old website complete with hard to find resources The old way
  • 8. EXAMPLE CHAT QUESTIONS IM from How do I find ReferenceUSA ? IM from what if i'm looking for jobs throughout north carolina IM from yes how do I research the beverage industry IM from i need to find information on being an event planner. could you please let me know where to go in order for me to find the information I need?? IM from I am on nclive and trying to figure out where to find pharmacy tech practice exam
  • 9. The new way
    • Job-hunters and unemployed in NC
    • Those seeking career information
    • Those thinking about going back to school
    • Entrepreneurs & small business owners
    • Talk to potential partners & audiences:
      • State Library of North Carolina
      • NC LIVE Publicity Advisory Committee
      • BLINC (Business Librarians in North Carolina)
      • Member library staff
      • End-users via chat, Twitter, etc.
      • Vendors
    • The Feedback:
    • Go forward with promoting job, career and business resources there is a market for it.
    • Make sure these resources are easier for patrons to find and access!
    • Dont forget to train library staff along the way.
    • Communicate with career centers on campuses.
    The Job & Career Accelerator was funded by the State Library of North Carolina, and purchased by NC LIVE in April 2010
  • 12. BRAINSTORMING WITH COLLEAGUES TO DEVELOP A THEME Focus on resources for the unemployed, career seekers, and small business owners. NC LIVE can provide people with financial benefits - positively changing their life in some way. NC LIVE is saving people time and money. NC LIVE is working for North Carolina. Put NC LIVE to work for you.
  • 13. Breaking Down Barriers & Making Access Easier Step 4: Making what we had more marketable Draft Portal Sketch Done in Photoshop - Used to Collect Feedback
  • 14.
  • 15.
    • Collaborated with vendors to help us spread
    • the word radio commercials & more
    • Developed a promotional kit with a press release template for member libraries
    • Encouraged communication with college career centers or other related organizations and departments
    • Distributed press releases to local media outlets
    • Utilized social media (blog, Twitter, Facebook)
    • Emailed newsletters to our listservs and other relevant lists
    • Radio commercials across popular NC radio stations in major markets
    • Developing logos and graphics used to help promote our new portals
  • 18. GETTING MEMBER LIBRARY STAFF READY & ON BOARD: Sample Newsletters: March 2010 April 2010
  • 20. STEP 6: ANALYZING THE RESULTS During April 2010, Visits to Our Beta Site Increased By more than 45%
  • 21. Since the portals were launched on April 12, 2010 People have viewed the Jobs Portal more than 3,900 times People have viewed the Business Portal more than 2,300 times When counting unique pageviews since the launch of our website in 2010, the Jobs Portal is currently our 9 th most popular page , and the Business Portal is our 15 th most popular page on our website. Resource April 2009 April 2010 Business Source Premier 123,170 sessions 198,569 sessions LearningExpress 3,360 sessions 5199 sessions SimplyMap 554 sessions 674 sessions
  • 22. MORE RESULTS Full article available from:
  • 23. WHY MARKET LIBRARY SERVICES? Marketing is essential to establishing or reminding patrons of the librarys value in their everyday lives. Sometimes that means repackaging what we already offer in a way that is relevant to our customers. Marketing Advertising The end-result? Increased usage and awareness of library resources and improved perception of libraries.
  • 24. TAKEAWAYS & LESSONS WE LEARNED: Start early. Partner when possible. Although theyre nice to have, you dont need a formal plan in place to get started. Use in-reach and outreach to get the word out. Get others involved in what youre doing, theyll do the promoting for you. Talk about it, but dont use library jargon, and dont expect patrons to know the names of databases. Use a variety of communication tools, and consider your audience.
  • 25. THANK YOU! Contact Us: Jill Robinson Morris Outreach & Promotions Librarian NC LIVE [email_address] Find us on Twitter: @nclive Find us on Facebook