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Who would be the audience for your media product and how do you attract/address your audience?1Target AudienceThe target audience for my music magazine is primarily older teenagers and young adults. (Most of them are probably still in some sort of education therefore the price can't be too high). I find that this is most appropriate for a pop magazine, as artists which create pop music tend to attract my people similar to my target audience. I also made sure that I include certain conventions which I found while I was doing research to make sure that my magazine looks as professional as it can get. While I was deciding upon a price, I needed to make sure that my target audience will be able to afford it. in order to decide what my price will be, I decided to create a survey. My results shown that the average price my customers would be willing to pay would be between 2.00-2.99, which was followed by 0.99-1.99. This shows me that the customers find a small price more appealing. By making the price of my magazine 1.99 I am making it a reasonable price for the audience to pay.

2Gender of AudienceMy questionnaire also helped me find out what gender I should make my magazine appeal to. The gender of people who have participated in my questionnaire was a mixture of both female and male. However, the majority was female. The difference wasnt big therefore I tried to target my magazine at both genders. Because of this, I used a female model as in a music magazine they would appeal to both genders. I also used colors which would appeal to both genders the colors arent too girly (pink) or boyish (blue).

3moodboardWhilst conducting my research I have created a moodboard which is made from various photos that show what I want to include in my magazine. I kept referring back to my moodboard at all times.

I included artists which are associated with pop music but are also inspired by vintage fashion, as I wanted my model to appear elegant and different from stereotypical pop singers in order to seem friendly towards my target audience. I also included things such as clothing and make-up which would make my model look elegant. I used clothes and make-up which I already owned, as I believed that they match the theme which I was going for.4Final images

Based on my findings from my research I decided to make this my cover photo. In my opinion it appeals to my target audience in a positive way and would also attract the readers, as they are seeing a new pop singer who looks friendly and not controversive. I used inspiration from my moodboard to re-create a traditional 1950s look, which I commonly saw on many popular artists such as Lana Del Rey or Katy Perry.

I used this photo on my contents page. Its a different style shot in comparison to my cover photo which offers a variation. I went for the same hair and make-up to show consistency, however I changed the outfit and having the same outfit in every photo would look boring. The gradient of my background goes the opposite way as I wanted my text to be easy to read. The gray colour also shows consistency, yet faint pattern makes it looks more interesting and fills out any blank spaces. If I used the faint pattern on my cover page there would be too much going on.5Final imagesThis is the image I used on my double page spread. Its rather different from my other photos as its more casual. I decided to keep the make-up the same to show consistency, however the hairstyle was made more casual by making the curls more loose. The vintage theme was kept in the dress as it is 1960s inspired. The hat is a popular trend which Ive seen amongst pop magazines so I decided to incorporate it into my magazine. I decided to make my double page spread photo more casual as it shows the readers what the pop singer was like before the fame just an ordinary girl. I feel like this would let the audience connect with her more, especially since the target audience is teens-young adults.

6In conclusion

I think that I have succeeded with targeting my magazine at older teenagers and young adults. I based my magazine on the answers which my audience gave me on the questionnaire. Based on my questionnaire, I created a moodboard which I believed would appeal to my target audience. I also did research into the conventions of magazines which have similar target audience to Jukebox, such as Billboard magazine. This gave me an insight to what my magazine should look like, which allowed me to interpret conventions which would appeal to my target audience. 7