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Performance Management CycleGroup, Business Unit/ Group Function, Department & individual scorecards & Role Competency Profiles

Step 3 : Performance RewardingFelda Groups Business Plan Performance outcomes are used to determine Annual salary increment Bonus/ incentive Promotionut Incentive Pay O

Step 1 : Performance Planning Top management sets business goals, KP Is and targets which cascade throughout the Group Determine desired results and set individual goals and targets Validate targets Review competencies and set developmental objectives

Annual Cycle



Performance Grading

Performance Monitoring Mandatory mid-year reviews Ongoing discussions Coaching Modifications/ revisions to objectives Manager solicits input from peers subordinates and customer

Step 2 : Performance Review / Assessment

Manager completes review of performance Moderation exercise to rank performance (as target setting becomes more rigorous, moderation may reduce)

Performance Management is a shared responsibility between the organization, staff, reporting managers and reviewing managersThe Organization (Felda Group)

Staff Who Is the appraisee Takes responsibility for self in the process Seeks feedback on performance Uses organizational resources for selfdevelopment

Reporting Manager Who Is the direct superior of the appraisee and is accountable for his/her performance evaluation

Reviewing Manager Who Is the direct or indirect superior of the reporting manager and is responsible for the overall performance of the business Unit/ Group Function and Department

Performance Management System enables us to achieve the following Demonstrate that performance management is a shared responsibility between the employer and staff Increase focus on performance Align individual staff goals/KPIs with Group, Company and Departmental objectives Improve rigor and calibration when setting targets for the KPIs Set mutual performance expectations Increase focus on ongoing feedback and coaching Identify opportunities for staff development Increase focus on evaluating actual performance Improve the linkage between individual staff performance and rewards

The New Performance Appraisal FormSection 1A, 1B, 1C Personal Details Appraisee, Appraiser & Reviewer Section 2A Performance Goals / KPIs & Targets ( The WHAT ) To be endorsed by Reviewing Manager Section 2B Competencies ( The HOW ) Section 3A Overall Rating Section 3B Overall Technical competence Section 4 Development Plan - Core Competency - Specific Technical Competency Section 5 Review Discussion Record

Performance Appraisal FormPERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FORM (EXECUTIVE) The appraiser is the direct superior of the employee (appraisee).He/she sets the appraisee's targets and is accountable for his/her performance evaluation. The reviewer is the person who is responsible for the overall performance of the Group/Company/Department (i.e. the direct or indirect superior of the appraiser). He/she calibrates/validates and approves the targets. This form is private and confidential once completed. To be completed by Appraiser Purpose of Review (Please indicate with 'X') Mid-Year Review End of Year Review Interim Review (e.g.Transfers)

SECTION 1A : APPRAISEE PERSONAL DETAILS 1Employee Name 2Staff Number 3Designation 4Job Grade 1Reviewer's Name Designation 1Appraiser's Name Designation 5Company 6Department 7Date Joined 8Current Review Period From Month Year To Month Year



Performance Appraisal FormSECTION 2A : PERFORMANCE GOALS/KPIs & TARGETS (The "WHAT") PERFORMANCE PLANNING PERIOD 1) Please complete columns (A) to (E) for the performance planning cycle. 2) A maximum of 8 goals/KPIs and targets should be set across all perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard (Financial, Customer, Internal Process, Learning & Innovation), including project based goals (if applicable). 3) The Threshold, Minimum On-Target, On Target, Maximum On-Target and Stretch performance rating levels will be set upon discussion and agreement between appraisee and appraiser. PERFORMANCE REVIEW PERIOD 1) Please complete column (F) for the performance review and calculate the KPI score. KPIs 60% Weightage % (W1): (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) Scorecard Key Performance Indicators Units To be filled at start of Performance Period Weight% Actual Rating Weighted Perspective (KPI) (Eg: RM, Min. 10% Achievement (1-5) Threshold Minimum On Target Maximum Stretch Please circle minutes, %, To be filled Score On-Target On-Target etc.) at end of (E) x (G) Performance Period

F C F C F C F C F C F C F C F C Scorecard

I L I L I L I L I L I L I L I L Perspective definition: F=Financial


I=Internal Process

L=Learning & Innovation



0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0


Performance Appraisal FormSECTION 2B : COMPETENCIES (The "HOW") PERFORMANCE PLANNING PERIOD 1) For each competency, please fill in the required proficiency level for appraisee's position in column (C). 2) Communicate the required proficiency level to the appraisee. 3) Please refer to competency dictionary for proficiency levels and behavioural desriptors. PERFORMANCE REVIEW PERIOD 1) Please complete columns (D) and (E) during the performance review and calculate the score for COMPETENCIES. Competencies Weightage (W2) : (A) NO. (B) COMPETENCY (C) REQUIRED LEVEL OF PROFICIENCY (Level SE,AM,Exec, Exec. Asst.) (D) COMPETENCY RATING (1-5) (E) COMMENTS ON COMPETENCY PERFORMANCE BY APPRAISER 40%

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (F) (G) (H)

Communication Teamwork Innovation & Change Accountability Organising, Planning & Decision Making Composure Business Acumen Service Orientation TOTAL AVERAGE SCORE (F / 8)

0 0.0 0

COMPETENCIES RATING SCALE 1 2 3 4 5 Needs Need Some Meets Exceed Exceed All Most Improveme Requireme Some Requiremen Improveme nt nts Requireme ts nt nts


Performance Appraisal Form

SECTION 3A : OVERALL RATING Overall Performance Rating Results 4.6 - 5.0 3.6 - 4.5 2.6 - 3.5 1.6 - 2.5 1.0 - 1.5 Exceed All Requirements Exceed Some Requirements Meets Requirements Need Some Improvement Needs Most Improvement (To be completed at Performance Review) Appraiser to fill up the KPIs Score from Section 2A and Competency Score from Section 2B and indicate the Overall Rating. Refer to the overall performance matrix below. KPIs SCORE + COMPETENCIES SCORE = OVERALL RATING

SECTION 3B : OVERALL TECHNICAL COMPETENCE (To be completed at Performance Review) Appraiser to rate the current level of overall technical competence of appraisee. Refer to the technical competency matrix below. 1 Technical Competency Rating Scale 2 3 4 5 SGM + CEO Gred GM GM Level of Technical Competence





Possess in-depth expertise/professional mastery in technical/ functional competence Possess specialist technical/ functional competence

SM, Manager Able to offer sound advice and demonstrate sufficient technical/ functional competence SE, AM Exec., Exec Asst. Able to practically apply technical/functional competence Possess basic conceptual technical/functional competence

Needs Most Improvement

Need Some Meets Exceed Some Exceed All Improvement Requirements Requirements Requirements

Performance Appraisal Form PERFORMANCE REVIEW PERIOD Appraiser to identify and discuss with Appraisee 3 areas for development under core competencies. NO. CORE COMPETENCY CORE COMPETENCY DEVELOPMEN T PLAN AND ACTIVITIES (To be filled in at year-end performance cycle) Staff No. : Company : (To be filled by Company / Department) Name :


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Communication Teamwork Innovation & Change Accountability Organising, Planning & Decision Making Composure Business Acumen Service Orientation

PERFORMANCE REVIEW PERIOD Appraiser to identify and discuss with Appraisee the specific areas for technical competency development. SPECIFIC TECHNICAL COMPETENCY CURRENT LEVEL DEVELOPMENT PLAN AND ACTIVITIES OF TECHNICAL (To be filled in COMPETENCE at year-end performance review)

Please refer to competency definition for detailed description of technical competence. Level of Technical Competence 2 3 4



Needs Need Meets Exceed Exceed All Most Some Requireme Some Requireme Improvem Improvem nts Requireme nts ent ent nts

Performance Appraisal FormSECTION 5 : REVIEW DISCUSSION RECORD Comments to be made on review discussion (To be completed at end of Performance Period)



APPRAISEE 1. My targets and goals for the year were communicated to me at the start of the performance period 2. My appraiser and I conducted a mid-year review 3. I was given feedback and coaching throughout the year 4. My reporting manager conducted my annual review with me, providing feedback on my performance 5. My reporting manager has discussed my developmental plans with me Involvement in Internal &