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Presentation of iDiscover with several case studies, conducted by the Expertise Centre for Digital Media (Hasselt University)

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  • 1. visitor museum Hasselt University Expertise centre for Digital Media Province of Limburg Provincial Gallo-Roman Museum Interactive heritage

2. visitor museum 3. plenty of museum 4. visitor 5. 4 year of studies 10 year hobby club 12 year deepening 6. watch act understand 7. understand watch act 8. Mobility 9. Interaction with the environment 10. Personalization 11. Personalization 12. Social interaction 13. - learning together in a playful and interactive way - an exiting experience of the museum story - social interaction stimulated by team play and competition - museum objects as a key to play the game gaming in the Gallo - Roman Museum 14. create avatar 15. create avatar 16. timeline 17. timeline 18. nomad game 19. nomad game 20. farming game 21. farming game 22. Eburones game 23. Roman game 24. Roman game 25. - art radar based on GPS - iPhone app for youngsters - an incentive to explore the park more profoundly - interpretations of the sculptures made by youngsters discover art in the Middelheim Museum in the Sculpturized!-project led by Piazza dellArte 26. Park Explorer - interface 27. search for works of art 28. show interpretations 29. - do-it-yourself approach to cultural heritage education - youngsters invent and create their own mobile games - classmates can play the games in the museum - Odiel Defraeye as central figure (1st Belgian Tour winner in 1912) make your own game in in het wiel van Odiel 30. - timeline with media, minigames, object information, - content depends on personal preferences - bookmark fascinating information - show location of co-visitors adults in the Gallo - Roman museum PROTOTYPE 31. menu and timeline 32. timeline 33. media 34. - for Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences - take picture of QR codes - a series of photographs guides you to the chosen room - provides an extra information layer to the collection navigation through a complex museum building PROTOTYPE 35. take picture of QR code 36. navigation by a series of photographs 37. navigation by a series of photographs 38. navigation by a series of photographs 39. navigation by a series of photographs 40. navigation by a series of photographs 41. navigation by a series of photographs 42. navigation by a series of photographs 43. overview of a room 44. show information 45. questions? Do they do piercings here ?