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  • 1.The TeamKen FreiWe have experience in:1Trent StaheliRyan KohlerProvo, Utah- Business - IT - Human Resources - Talent AcquisitionMonterrey, N.L.

2. The Solution3Lorem ipsum dolar: This is an intro sentence to the pains, I think this slide is really empty without it.Hundreds of New ApplicantsFiltered Via ScreenieCompany Reviews Only Top Candidates 3. We made hiring fun Screenie helps businesses nd and hire top talent 4. The Pain2Lorem ipsum dolar: This is an intro sentence to the pains. I think this slide is really empty without it.Interview InconsistencyWasted Time & MoneyScheduling ConictsPoor Collaboration 5. Talent Acquisition12Positions Approved by Department6Reduce Number of Candidates43Search for Candidates74Interview with ManagersTest ApplicationFirst Contact with Candidate859Selection of the Best CandidateInterview with Candidates10ProposalJob Begins*natural process of recruitment 6. Benets 1. Advertise Positions on Different Job Boards - Reduces advertisgin costs & time in managing positions - Positions are managed in one place - Increase your search through different job boards - Quick response from candidates2. Filter Candidates - Eliminate candidates that do not qualify - Save time for your department - Edit interview questions5 7. Benets 3. Interactive Digital Interview - Get to know the candidate before your rst interview - Know their non verbal form of comminication - Store, share, rate, rewatch videos with decision makers - Analyze the candidate4. Collaborative Tool - Optimization on your decision processes - Share candidates with different departments - Rate the candidates and share notes with everyone6 8. Software 9. The Software7Branded Job Posting & Interview: Intro sentence to the software. I think this slide is really empty without it.WRITTEN SCREENINGVIDEO SCREENING 10. How it Works? The Dashboard: Build and edit questions for each position. Its easy, and its really fast!Ask multiple choice, single, ll in the blank, audio or video questions.8 11. Filtering Candidates Filter candidates by giving weight to the responsees that are most important for your position.9 12. Managing Candidates Search for the best candidates from those you have rated.10