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Presentatie ING op conferentie Levensloopbaan

Transcript of Presentatie ING Workshop 2

  • 2. 16.25 uur Case 1: Claudia Van Egmond, ING HR Manager Sales PROGRAMMA 16.40 uur Case 2: Heidi Van Herweghe, Boss Paints HR Director 16.55 uur Interactie & Discussie 17.20 uur Terugkeer naar zaal Houyoux; kick-off leertraject aan 15 staantafels.
  • 3. Case : Claudia Van Egmond ING
  • 4. Employability a present for your future Claudia Van Egmond, HR Manager Sales ING Belgium " L'avenir, c'est prparer l'homme ce qu'il n'a jamais t !" Paul Valry VOV Kick Off Levensloopbaan, 30/01/2014
  • 5. 5
  • 6. Employability fits within INGs business & HR strategy Strategic Vision Strategic Business Priorities 3 Strategic HR Priorities Employability 6
  • 7. What does ING mean by employability? The ability of all employees to improve and develop their skills integrate recent or future changes in their job or functional domain Allowing them to perform wel in actual function grow & adapt to changes all along his/her professional life discover what are their talents & strenghts, what gives them energy & how to deploy their talents stay agile and proactive for their development, open to new options and challenges maintain & improve their sustainable market value within and outside the company Shared responsibility Name ING department or name presentation Employee Manager Unions ING 9/24/11 7
  • 8. Basic principles of INGs Employability approach BUSINESS PRIORITY & OWNERSHIP The employability challenge is sponsored by our Executive Committee and owned by each and everyone at every level of our organization. INTEGRATION We have developed an end-to-end approach, not only focusing on tooling but also on policies, systems, skills, behaviours and culture. ANTICIPATION We were able to anticipate key challenges and initiate change before we were forced to change. This anticipation has allowed us to create a well rooted and sustainable employability program. 8
  • 9. INGs employability journey 2013-2014 Making sure talents keep in shape Wellbe@ING Awareness campaign reaching all employees Building a new culture change program 2015 Stimulate the way of thinking on employability Introduces the launch of useful and practical employability tools and processes 6 mindsets & behaviors MidYear review Development dialogue Development action plan (70/20/10) Embedding in other HR practices & policies Portal for all employees: Employability Guide Launch MyJob/YourJob Creating mutual understanding and broadening the One Bank view by experiencing each others tasks & responsibilities 3 step approach I know myself Were do I want to go? What is my action plan? Uniform competencies framework Enhanced Job Career Framework & development passports & easy job descriptions Integration outcome MidYear review in succession planning Internal mobility & external recruitment Strategic workforce planning My Future Check Reward policy Supported by: existing learning offer, jobsite, already existing Job career framework 9
  • 10. Thanks for your attention