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Industries, Technologies & Aplications


LOF FILTRATION TEKNOLOGERNA AB was originally founded by a group of filtration experts with more than 40 years of combined experience in the filtration industry.

Based on its filtration business knowledge, LOF has been steadily growing over the years, establishing itself as one of worlds leading filter suppliers and greatly expanding the range of products offered to its clients.

LOF is committed to provide the world's best gas and liquid filters, to that end, we spend all resources needed for in-house testing, independent verification and quality control. We are proud of our reputation and will continue to expand our portfolio of filter housings and filter elements to meet and exceed all our customers expectations.

Our plan for the future is clear: LOF will be globally recognized by its quality products and cost effective engineered solutions to filtration problems. All our staff and network of agents are committed to reach one objective: provide the best products and best customer service at reasonable prices.

We have decided to develop professional products to every industry where we decide to deliver filtration products, and to do so we have designed specific filters for specific needs.

There are several filtration technologies, depending the fluid treated, the filter type, or the applications where the filters are used, lof will deliver the best solution for every need.

Technologies and applicationsPleated filtersDepth filtersWound FiltersLenticular filtersCapsule filtersBag filters/Pleated bag filtersSheet filters

Cartridge filtersFilter housingsVessels ventingActivated carbonSampling valves

High flow filtersCoalescence filtersGas filtrationSteamOzone resistant filters

Coarse filtrationTrap filtrationFluid clarificationFine filtrationFluid polishingSterile filtration

Reverse OsmosisMembrane Ultra-FiltrationCross flow Ultra-Filtration (Membrane)Pre-filtration for UF

IndustriesOil & GasWater TreatmentFood & BeveragePharmaceuticalPower Generation

AutomotivePaint & InksChemicalsElectronic Industry

LOF FILTRATION TEKNOLOGERNA AB has developed a wide variety of filters and filter systems to attend different industries with different technologies.And in each application we master the professionalism in delivering the most accurate filtering solution to ensure quality and performance, maintaining the economic viability of the process.

Contact us: Europe: [email protected] - America: [email protected] - Asia : [email protected] - Web:

HOME PAGElof Filtration Teknologerna AB supplies an unparalleled selection of filtration and separation solutions for use throughout all the stages of oil and gas production and processing. From upstream operations to refineries and petrochemical plants, lof Filtrations innovative products deliver cost-effective technologies that feature world-class performance.We have worked together with many of our clients to deliver high end solutions and quality products to fulfill most of the main filtration processes both upstream or downstream.Delivering quality products for the oil and gas industry motivates us and our engineers will work together to help our clients conceive the best solution for every need. Our flirters will exceed in most cases the industry requirements and deliver more than the competition.

Oil & GasFuelsGlycol DehydrationWater InjectionCompletion FluidsNatural Gas (LPG)Gas SweetningCompressed AirProduce WaterLube OilSteam

Water TreatmentWater treatment has come a long way from the early methods of water treatments, some which we still use like sand filtration. Nowadays filtration technology has a very important part in our every day life.As water is essential for life, it is almost essential in any industrial process. At lof Filtration Teknologerna AB we know how important is to ensure a good quality fluids in the life of any industrial process, and water is not apart from this.We strive to deliver the best system to ensure our clients filtration needs.

Industrial WaterDesalinationMunicipal WaterWater Recycling

Food & Beverageslof Filtration Teknologerna AB has extensive knowledge and experience providing filtration solutions for a wide range of applications in the food and beverage market. Food processing and beverage manufacturing are complex operations with highly critical filtration applications. Our team of experts understands how each filtration step will interact with your product and possibly affect the final characteristics of beer, juices, bottled water, syrups, wine, or other liquids and gases involved in the production process.We provide a secure source of filter elements and systems to remove color, odors, particles and harmful germs from liquids and gases providing maximum clean fluid quality.

BreweriesDistilled SpiritsWine MakingSoft DrinksOil FiltrationDairyBottled WaterFood & IngredientsJuices and other drinksOther support products

PharmaceuticalWe understand the industry processes and needs and our filters are fully conversant with regulations from US FDA and European standards requirements for filtration processes. Filtration and separation processes in the pharmaceutical industry are extremely important to ensure products purification and also to optimize process economics and minimize product losses. lof Filtration Teknologerna AB has a commitment with its clients to surpass quality standards requirements and in the pharmaceutical industry this is even more important. We have a wide range of filters and vessels that are fully compliant with the pharmaceutical industry requirements.Product ClarificationSterilizing FiltrationParticle RemovalPowder TrapsBioburden ControlSolvent and Chemical TransferCarbon/Catalyst RemovalTank Vents

Process Gas FiltrationDecolourisation

Modern power plants require modern systems to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and environmental protection and in loF Filtration Teknologerna AB we strive to ensure the best solutions to achieve this requirements.Efficient filtration of cooling water and condensate filtration treatment is needed to eliminate dirt particles such as rust and abrasions from pumps and turbines that cause increased wear and unwanted deposits on heat exchangers.Our engineers will offer the best systems and products to minimize maintenance downtime, minimize machinery deterioration and many more problems linked to low quality filtering systems.

Power Generation

Condensate Effluents FiltrationSteam FiltrationCooling Water

As filtration technology evolves, our understanding of automotive requirements increase. The R&D department on loF Filtration Teknologerna AB have developed new filtering products and systems to ensure quality products and sub-products fit to the highest standards in many industries included the automotive one.We are able to deliver replacement filters with similar or higher performance than OEM ones with better economics for the whole process, not only in the cost of the filters but also can contribute to less downtime and fewer production stops. Automotive

Paint FiltrationSteam FiltrationCompressed Air

Paints & InksPaints & Coatings can as a category, oils, varnishes, lacquers and paints itself, this means that it involves thin and heavy fluids a likeloF Filtration Teknologerna AB looks close at the pigments used in a formulation. The type, shape, size and flexibility of the pigment varies widely, as do the percent solids, viscosity and rheological properties of the vehicle. Substrates may vary from a clean metal finish (automobile), to dirty steel (a bridge), to wood (home siding) and plastic.So we know that a Service for Absolute Filtration Efficiency is essential in the making of a high quality coating and paint a great number of products.

Particle removalCompressed AirAir Filters

Inks can get contaminated by several external agents or even from their own production process in the production phase. Eliminating this contaminants has to be made without elimination pigments or colors of the ink itself while ensuring that grind standards are met.loF Filtration Teknologerna AB filters and systems can achieve highly selective particle removal to ensure mainly two things; equipment integrity (i.e. prevent nozzle clogging, higher flow rates) and printing finish.Particle removalCompressed AirAir Filters

ChemicalsloF Filtration Teknologerna AB has a great experience and over the years have created and improved filter media to handle a wide variety of fluids. Different medias, different technologies and different arrangements are some of the requirements of our clients for their filtering systems. In the chemical industry we go even further working with them to ensure the best product fit for the fluid process.In example:Chemical products such as calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide are used in a wide range of products from paints to paper. As part of the purification process, these types of chemicals are processed within a fine suspension and regardless of how they are to be used, it is imperative that these liquid slurries pass through a final filtration process at the end of the process. This prevents any oversized particles or unmixed particles from ending up in the final product.

Chemicals: Polymer separation, acids, bases and solventsUsage: Fine Chemicals: Polymers, aggressive acids, bases, solvents, Ozonized DI waterFine Chemicals: Polymers, aggressive acids, bases, solvents, Ozonized DI waterElectronics: Photoresists, acids, tech solutionsElectronic IndustryIn the electronic industry, several process need