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  • 1. 2. Look at the pictures: 3. Look at the Picture again and answer the questions. A) is Tom reading? ________________________________ B) Is Mark eating? ________________________________ C) Is Susan dancing? ___________________________ D) Is Peter watching TV? _______________________ E) Is Ann crying? ____________________________ 5. Write negative sentences. A) He is learning how to read. ____________________________ B) I am having a bath. ____________________________ C) Im reading a fantastic book. ____________________________ D) Mark is driving a new car. _________________________ E) Im looking for my bag. __________________________ 7. Fill in the blanks writing the verb in the present Continuous. A) You _____________ (listen) to the music. B) He _____________ ( cry). C) I _____________ ( swim) in the swiming pool. D) Susan _____________ (wait) for her daughter. E) _____________ she _____________ (watch) TV? F) Who _____________ he _____________ (kiss)? G) Her husband _____________ (not/ Cook) diner. H) Tim _____________ ( not / sing) a song. I) My brother _____________ (not/ do) his homework. J) _____________ your mother _____________ (work) today? K) Mary and Sue _____________ (Play) tennis. L) Tim and Jim _____________ (not/ swim) in the lake. 3. What are they doing? Use the verbs bellow and write sentences. eat - cry- play- read- dance - watch Ex: Tim is eating. 2. _______________________ 3. _______________________ 4. _______________________ 5. _______________________ 6. _______________________ The present Continuous is used to describe something that is happening now, at the moment 4. Write the - ing form of the verbs: A) come _____________ B) Take _____________ C) Fly ______________ D) Swim ____________ E) Study ___________ F) Stud_____________ 6. Write questions for the answers. A) _____________________? No, they arent singing. B) _____________________? Yes, She is writing a new book. FORM: To be + Main verb + ing Example: He is playing.

2. + TO BE (present simple) + main verb + ing He is studying The Present Continuous tense is used to describe something that is happening now, at the moment. PRESENT CONTINUOUS 1. What are they doing? Look at the pictures and write sentences. Use the verbs in the box. build drink study eat sing play fight paint brush skate draw read 1. He is eating an ice-cream. 2. ______________________ 3. ______________________ 4. ______________________ 5. ______________________ 6. ______________________ 7. ______________________ 8. ______________________ 9. ______________________ 10. ______________________ 11. ______________________ 12. ______________________ B) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the present continuous, using the verbs in brackets. The students ______________ (read) a book. Jane ______________ (talk) to Ann. I ______________ (do) my homework. Mary and Ann ______________ (draw) a house. She ______________ (ask) a question. My father _____________ (wash) his car. 3. C) Build correct sentences: 1. Your / is / playing / ? / who / brother / with ________________________________________________________ 2. Is / dog / she / walking / Mrs. Parson / s ________________________________________________________ 3. 4 oclock / the / are / waiting / they / for / bus. ________________________________________________________ 4. Mark / s / sister / you / coming / is / with/ ? ________________________________________________________ 5. Talking / girlfriend / your / ? / who / to / is ________________________________________________________ D) Write in the negative: 1. He is learning how to write. ___________________________________________ 2. We are having a good time together. ___________________________________ 3. Mary is leaving him. _________________________________________________ 4. The kids are doing their homework. ____________________________________ 5. They are drinking apple juice. _________________________________________ 6. You are working very hard. ___________________________________________ 7. Im looking for my sister. ____________________________________________ 8. She is selling her boat. _______________________________________________ D) Ask questions: 1. What ______________________________? Im writing a letter. 2. What _____________________________? She is dancing with John. 3. What ________________________________? Were buying a new car. 4. What _______________________________? Were swimming. 5. What ________________________________? They are eating fish. 6. What __________________________? He is reading Romeo and Juliet. 4. Readthisexample: FORM AFFIRMATIVENEGATIVEINTERROGATIVE Iamrunning Youarerunning Heisrunning Sheisrunning Itisrunning Wearerunning Youarerunning Theyarerunning Iamnotrunning Youarenotrunning Heisnotrunning Sheisnotrunning Itisnotrunning Wearenotrunning Youarenotrunning Theyarenotrunning AmIrunning? Areyourunning? Isherunning? Issherunning? Isitrunning? Arewerunning? Areyourunning? Aretheyrunning? Shortforms: Im,youre,shes,hes, Its,were,theyre Shortforms: Imnot,youarent,sheisnt,he isnt,itisnt,wearent,they arent Weusethepresent continuous: Todescribe somethingtaking placeatthe momentof speaking. E.g.:Imreadingnow. Forsomething happeningfora shorttime. E.g.:Imstayingwithmy friendforafewdays. USES SPELLING Cleancleaning Dodoing Bebeing Seeseeing Playplaying Washwashing BUT Makemaking Writewriting Sitsitting Runrunning Lielying Diedying TIME MAKERS Now Atthemoment Today Thesedays 1.Whataretheydoing?Lookatthepicturesand writesentences: 1.______________________ 2.______________________ 3.______________________ 4.______________________ 5.______________________ 6.______________________ 2.Puttheverbinbracketsintothepresentcontinuous,affirmative, negativeorinterrogative. 1.Sowhat_________(happen)now? 2.Look!They_________(have)alotoffun. 3.No,thebus_________(notstop).Thebusdriver _________(drive)veryfast. 4.Listen!Someone_________(knock)onthedoor. 5.They_________(notread).They_________(ride)theirbikes outside. 6.LookatMary!She_________((notrun)?-Yes,sheis.She _________(run)towards. 7.John,comewithusoutside.Thesun_________(shine)again. GRAMMAR STUDY 5. Read this example: Im studying English now. am / is / are + verb + ing FORM AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE INTERROGATIVE I am running You are running He is running She is running It is running We are running You are running They are running I am not running You are not running He is not running She is not running It is not running We are not running You are not running They are not running Am I running? Are you running? Is he running? Is she running? Is it running? Are we running? Are you running? Are they running? Short forms: Im, youre, shes, hes, Its, were, theyre Short forms: Im not, you arent, she isnt, he isnt, it isnt, we arent, they arent We use the present continuous: To describe something taking place at the moment of speaking. E.g.: Im reading now. For something happening for a short time. E.g.: Im staying with my friend for a few days. USES SPELLING Clean cleaning Dodoing Bebeing See seeing Play playing Washwashing BUT Makemaking Write writing Sit sitting Run running Lie lying Diedying TIME MAKERS Now At the moment Today These days GRAMMAR STUDY 6. 1. What are they doing? Look at the pictures and write sentences: 1. ______________________ 2. ______________________ 3. ______________________ 4. ______________________ 5. ______________________ 6. ______________________ 2. Put the verb in brackets into the present continuous, affirmative, negative or interrogative. 1. So what _________(happen) now? 2. Look! They _________(have) a lot of fun. 3. No, the bus _________(not stop). The bus driver _________(drive) very fast. 4. Listen! Someone _________(knock) on the door. 5. They _________(not read). They _________(ride) their bikes outside. 6. Look at Mary! She _________((not run)? - Yes, she is. She _________(run) towards. 7. John, come with us outside. The sun _________(shine) again.