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beberapa preparat hormon reproduksi digunakan untuk sinkronisasi estrus pada ternak seperti sapi, kambing dan domba. diantaranya CIDR yang mengandung hormon GnRH, lutalyse yang mengandung prostaglandin.

Transcript of Preparat Hormon Reproduksi Sintetis

  • Pengenalan Preparat Hormon

    Reproduksi Sintetis

    Drh. Cynthia D. Gaina, MTropVSc

    17 Maret 2015

  • Hormone CIDR-B (Controlled internal drug release (CIDR)

  • CIDR (Progesterone)

    CIDRs contain 1.9g of progesterone

    In cattle, CIDR-Bs are often used with synchronization protocols

    Eazi-Breed CIDR helps to improve the effectiveness of reproduction programs by tightening estrus

    synchronization so groups of cows and heifers come into

    heat and can be bred in a narrow window.

    Groups of cows also can be synchronized to return to estrus after insemination for potential rebreeding in a

    desired time frame.

  • hCG, chorionic gonadotropin (Chorulon,Intervet, Holland)

  • Chorulon can be used in the following fertility problems in domestic


    - cases of repeated failure of conception in cows and heifers

    - induction of ovulation in mares and bitches

    - cases of cystic ovaries in cows and heifers

    - anoestrus in mares and bitches

    - delayed ovulation, prolonged pro-oestrus in bitches

    - deficiency in libido in male dogs

  • Species


    Dosage and administration

    Cow, heifer

    Repeated failure of conception Cystic ovarian disease (anoestrus, prolonged oestrus, nymphomania) Enhancement of luteal function

    1500 iu- i.m. or i.v. at AI or mating 3000 iu - i.v. 1500 iu - i.m. 12 days after insemination or mating


    Suboestrus (follicles > 2 cm in diameter) Induction of ovulation

    1500 - 3000 iu - i.m. or i.v., repeat after 2 days if necessary 1500-3000 iu - i.m. or i.v. 24 hours before AI or mating


    Anoestrus Delayed ovulation, prolonged pro-oestrus

    500 iu - i.m. or i.v. at first day of oestrus after pretreatment with PMSG 20 iu/kg s.c. daily for 10 days. 100-800 iu / day i.m., repeating treatment until vaginal bleeding disappears. Mate on behavioural oestrus

    Male dog

    Deficiency in libido

    100-500 iu - i.m. twice weekly for up to 6 weeks, but if this is not possible then 100-500 iu i.m. 6-12 hours before mating may give a temporary effect

  • (Juramate, synthetic prostaglandin)

  • Cloprostenol is a synthetic prostaglandin analogue structurally related to Prostaglandin F2 (PGF2).

    It causes functional and morphological regression of the corpus luteum in cattle.

    This effect on the life span of the corpus luteum usually results in estrus 2 - 5 five days after treatment, followed by ovulation with

    normal fertility.

    Juramate alone will not increase fertility.

  • Cloprostenol (Estrumate Inter-Ag, Hamilton, NZ)

  • Cloprostenol

  • (Lutalyse TM, Pharmacia & Upjohn Company, Pfizer Inc.).

  • Capriglandin

  • Prostavet

  • Fertagyl

  • Fertagyl is a sterile solution containing 43 g/mL gonadorelin (GnRH; equivalent to 50 g/mL gonadorelin diacetate tetrahydrate)

    Endogenous gonadorelin is synthesized by and/or released from the hypothalamus during various stages of the bovine estrous cycle

    following appropriate neurogenic stimuli. It passes via the

    hypophyseal portal vessels, to the anterior pituitary to effect the

    release of gonadotropins.

    Synthetic gonadorelin administered intramuscularly or intravenously also causes the release of endogenous LH and FSH from the

    anterior pituitary.

  • Capritocin

  • CAPRITOCIN Inj. adalah hormon reproduksi yang mengandung oxytocin dalam bentuk larutan injeksi, bekerja dengan cara

    merangsang kontraksi otot polos pada uterus dan kelenjar susu

    CAPRITOCIN Inj. sangat baik untuk membantu proses kelahiran, memperlancar dan meningkatkan produksi air susu serta

    mempercepat penyembuhan kasus metritis dan retensio


  • PMSG Intervet

    the hormone is commonly used in concert with

    progestogen to induce ovulation in livestock

    prior to artificial insemination.