Precision Products Dalton Ga High Precision Parts

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Precision Products is more than the sum of our parts

Since 1993 PPI has been the market leader for non oem textile parts

Yarn extrusionPlasticsNeedle Punch Non-WovenSpunbond Non-wovenWoven TextilesAerospacePaper processingChemical ManufacturingBeverage bottling & canningFood processingMilitary equipmentAutomotivePower GenerationJet TurbineMedical

Industries Served

CNC Multi-Tasking CNC Turning CNC MillingEDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)Grinding/Super-flat GrindingReverse engineering of partsGearbox rebuildingConventional MachiningMaintenance & Overhaul of Machinery & ComponentsFasteners distributorLaser extruder barrel alignment

Services and parts offeredOur approach utilizes the latest technology equipment to produce the highest quality parts on the market today.

Three 4-Axis Mazak Mills

Two Mazak 5-Axis Machining centers

Super-flat grinding is performed on all gears and plates

All pump gears are made using the highly accurate EDM process

Mazak Quick Turn Lathe with live tooling.

Swiss Spindle Hard mill with 42,000 rpm speed

You cant make it if you cant measure it

With accuracy of .000060 (60 millionths of an inch) PPI uses only Zeiss CMMs to measure our parts to ensure unparalleled accuracy.

In-house xrf metallurgical analysis is utilized to test incoming materials and for reverse engineering

While most companies rely on mill certifications from suppliers, ppi goes the extra step and tests raw materials to ensure compliance.Quality is only EverythingFast delivery, economical pricing, and long life are nothing without quality.

Metering pump rebuild process

Upon arrival pumps are disassembled and attached to a job number. That job number follows that pump for its life and is engraved on each plate of the pump.

All pumps are media blasted and ultrasonically cleaned

Gears start as ground flat tool-Steel stock before production

Gears are then wire machined (EDM) after heat treating to eliminate post process movement.

In critical applications cmm reports are available to show flatness of gear plates

CMM Analysis (red=out of spec)PART DESCRIPTIONMAX./ MIN. ALLOWABLE USED PART DIM.Sample DataSample #2GEAR,DRIVEOD:1.4235/ 1.42231.42321.4232THICK:0.3972/ 0.39670.39650.3966GEAR,DRIVENOD:1.4235/ 1.42231.42311.423THICK:0.3972/ 0.39670.39670.3967PLATE, CENTER (GEAR)ID:1.4249/ 1.42391.4241.424THICK:0.3982/ 0.39780.3980.398PLATE, TOPTHICK:0.7550/ 0.73000.7510.7475PLATE, BACKTHICK:0.7550/ 0.73000.74720.7485SHAFT, DRIVEOD:0.6866/ 0.68620.68650.6865PLUG, SEAL DRIVETHICK:0.9940/ 0.97300.99340.994HUB, BODYTHICK:1.001/ 0.98500.99940.998PLATE,SEALTHICK:0.4770/ 0.42500.47660.4768GEAR DIA. CLEAR. DRIVE0.0030/ 0.00080.00080.0008GEAR DIA. CLEAR. DRIVEN0.0030/ 0.00080.00090.001GEAR AXIAL CLEAR.0.0019/ 0.00130.00150.0014SEAL PLUG/HUB BODY0.0140/ 0.00200.0060.004CLEARANCEPPI will maintain parts for your pumps on a committed inventory basis.

Since your pumps are exclusive to you, we will determine proper inventory levels once the various types of pumps are identified. Using our cmm and metallurgical analysis we can easily generate identical, drop in parts for all your pumps.

For critical applications we can hand diamond lap all plates or only the bottom plate to ensure proper sealing to your spin beam.

Diamond lapping produces the best surface possible with flatness of .0001( 1/10,000 of an inch)

From the smallest .25 cc/rev to massive 1800 cc/rev models PPI is your one source for everything related to metering/gear pumps.

We will maintain detailed drawings or records of each pump type and train our technicians on your specific pump types

Clean room is used for all pump assembly work

This area has a separate air handling unit and is staffed with trained technicians exclusive to pump rebuilding

Once the pump is complete it is pre-lubed with high temperature lubricant and individually wrapped for delivery

PPI uses ERP software throughout operationAll raw materialsEach Job has tracking numberData from each job/pump is maintained in our systemThis can lead to predictive data on failure modesJobs are scheduled by job numbers within our plantPart inventories are maintained to minimized your downtimeEach pump is serialized for a permanent record (every plate is engraved)Process standards and blueprints are maintained on all parts we produceWe use redundant servers and off site back-up to preserve data integrity.

Complete inventory and job control with ERP software

Gearbox rebuilding

With a 500,000 ton press we are capable of rebuilding large extruder drive gearboxes

Using NSK or SKF bearing we offer full rebuilds and drop in replacements

Over 20 years experience in high precision partsState of the art manufacturingIn house cmm for high precision inspection100% performance guaranteeISO-9001:2008 registeredMade in the usaFast deliveryIn-house metallurgical analysisPrecision has experience and a proven track record in this market