Precautionary measures before embarking on a tour to egypt

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Precautionary Measures before Embarking on a Tour to Egypt
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Sightseeing in Africa, mostly Egypt in particular requires certain precautionary measures to avoid offending religious sentiments and getting caught up amongst civil unrest

Transcript of Precautionary measures before embarking on a tour to egypt

  • 1. Unfortunately most of Africa is facing acute civil and political unrest. Thisproblem has not escaped Egypt which has been largely peaceful until recenttimes.The civil unrest in Egypt is mainly attributed due to Arab Spring however thegood news is that most of the country is safe and welcoming towards tourist.Before making a trip to Egypt, it is best to take stock of the political scenariovia online and television news. Double check all the places on your list ofdestinations you intend to visit to make sure that there are no reported

2. Take general precautionary measures whilstsightseeing in Africa and Egypt inparticular. Dont fail to keep in mind thatmost cultures in this region are conservativeby nature and that applies to dress code andlifestyle habits 3. Do not travel alone and try to stick to the major tourists hubs atall times. Unfortunately there are multiple incidents of violenceagainst women in such countries which is why women should bechaperoned at all times.Beware of pickpockets as they are common in certain areas suchas Cairo