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    Pre-Launch Pre-Launch


    Dont wait to market your app, once app is fully devel-oped

    Start marketing your app along with the app develop-ment process

    This technique would serve as the foundation for your app marketing efforts.

  • ENGAGE POTENTIAL USERS AT THE EARLIEST POSSIBLEtENGAGE POTENTIAL USERS AT THE EARLIEST POSSIBLEtReach out to your potential customers as early on in the app creation process as possible

    These users need to be real app users to offer quality feedback to succeed your app fur-ther

    Switch to free tools likeBuzzSumo,Social CrawlyticsandTopsyto help you identify the most important people in your industry

    Monitor the feedback offered and work on them to attain the best result

  • Email Is Equally ImportantEmail Is Equally ImportantDo not underestimate the email power

    Build and grow your email list, with the help of Twitter cards, landing pages, or compara-ble tools

    Email marketing is powerful, since it also reach to a broader audience, after social media channels

  • Blog and BlogBlog and BlogBlogging is the most effective way of reaching to your fan base

    Start blogging about the progression of your apps development

    Choose the various options of blogging destinations, such as: WordPress,Tumblr, or Squarespace or Shoutmeloud etc. many options are available to pick from

    Target keywords, write quality content, and link out to relevant industry

    To improve your blogs search engine rankings, useGoogle Adwords Keyword Planner


  • Beta TestersBeta TestersBeta testers are eventually your apps biggest supporters

    They help your app with word-of-mouth marketing

    Also, they serve as an unparalleled resource for further target-ed audience research

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