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Make the most of your Mac this holiday season and create fantastic memories that will last a lifetime!

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  • 1. PRE EDITING YOUR XMAS MEMORIESTips for creating fantastic holiday keepsakes with your Mac

2. Pre-Editing is Key Have you ever captured hours of video and hundreds ofphotographs only to nd that you are overwhelmed and dontknow what to do with them once the Christmas is over andyou hardly have the time too look at the pictures, let aloneorganize them? 3. Pre-Editing is Key The digital age has facilitated overshooting andover lming resulting in overwhelming memoriesthat stay un-managed. Editing is most successful when you plan from thebeginning. Set out on a clear path knowing what you want theend result to look like. 4. Less is More Capturing every detail of is not necessary Focus on the Essence: the people, the activities, The feeling the special things that happened 5. Chose a Medium Who will see these memories How will you share them?Apple offers a variety of ways in which you canshare your memories, each with its own set ofadvantages 6. Chose a MediumMediumAdvantagesDisadvantages - Upload quickly- Pictures posted as they are. Facebook - one or several picturesCannot be made into a project - pictures can be assembled to tell a story or enhance a mood - Several copies can be made as gifts - some work requiredPhoto Album- Memories can sit at a coffee table - no music to embellish mood for frequent revisiting by friends and family - pictures can be assembled to tell a story while mood is enhanced by - requires electronic devices to beSlide Show music enjoyed- can be shared digitally with friends and family- creates long lasting fun memoriesMovie that family and friends will want to - slightly more work required share over and over again 7. Choose a Theme/Feeling Who is the target audience? This should affect Feel or Theme: Families with young children: childish Families with Older grandparents: retro, more old fashioned Adults mostly - elegant 8. Photo Book & Theme/Feeling Apple offers many themes that set the right tone to the project.Kid friendly Traditional ModernElegant 9. Movie Theme/Feeling Apple offers many themes that set the right tone to the project.Kid friendly Traditional Modern Travel 10. Chose a Song/Feeling The song chosen must compliment the pictures/clips. Setting a Caribbean December holiday to the tune of Im dreaming of a white Christmas just wont add to the mood. For Slideshows and Movies, choosing a song is the key to setting the right feel Kid friendly: Traditional: Modern:Elegant:Elmos Feliz Navidad Jingle Bells Jingle Bell Rock White Christmas 11. Selective Shooting/Filming It is very easy to get trigger happy in the digital age. Yet no one, really, no one, wants to see all yourphotos and clips Be selective! 12. Selective Shooting/Filming Heres all you need: rules of thumb Photo books: no more than 50 pages (100-150 pictures) some pages can have up to 4 pictures some pages can have a double page layout Slide shows/movies: Keep to less than 5 minutes (45 - 75pictures) 5 seconds a clip + 1.5 for transitions 13. Selective Shots Examples Decorating for Christmas Check List: Family in the act of decorating the Christmas tree * Lighting the Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Light Up Family In front of the Christmas tree* If preparing a video, then many successive pictures of decorating the tree may betaken and then placed in fast motion. Otherwise, 2 or 3 pictures should sufce for a book or slide show. 14. Selective Shots Examples Cooking for Christmas Dinner: Special details about the meal turkey candy canes Family preparing dinner Family eating dinner Family In front of the Christmas tree Portraits of family around table, around tree, etc 15. Let us Do it For You Come in and attend one of our many imovie/iphotoseminars Purchase personal trainer: One Full Years worth of lessons Cost $199 With purchase of a Mac $99 Let us do it for you Cost $75/hour in labor (materials purchased separately)