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We are Winnipeg wedding videographers providing professional, creative and cinematic videography services.

Our Passionwe are storytellersWe tell stories of love, and we use film as our medium. Our goal is to communicate your story to those you love, and to provide a memory of your wedding day that you will treasure forever.

Our PortfolioMeghan & Chet

Our PortfolioJulie & Tyler

Our Philosophy

Step 1InquireWe encourage you to check out our work and to inquire with us when you are ready. You can do so at

Step 2ConsultWell reply back to you quickly with a meeting time that works for us both, in person or on Skype. Well talk about your wedding, our services, and our pricing.

Step 3ContractAfter weve met, well send you a contract. Once the contract is back to us, we pencil your date into our calendar. When your date comes around, we will be there!

Why us?Jordan Michalski, VideographerA certified teacher and lifelong learner, Jordan is dedicated to refine his trade of videography. Always looking for a new edge, Jordan goes the extra mile to produce beautiful content. Lauren Ritchie, Videographer

A creative at heart, Lauren has a knack for seeing things that the average person will miss. Her attention to detail and desire for perfection sets her apart from the rest.

Why video?+88% of married couples regret not having a wedding video.

Contactwww.prairiefilmco.comhello@prairiefilmco.com204.803.8730 We look forward to meeting you.