Practical Usage of OER Material in the EFL Classroom

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Practical Usage of OER Material in the EFL C lassroom Maria Haas

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Transcript of Practical Usage of OER Material in the EFL Classroom

  • Practical Usage of OER Material

    in the EFL ClassroomMaria Haas

  • Research Question

  • What would EFL lessons look like if exclusively OER material rather than

    traditional school books would be used?

  • Open Educational Resources(OER)

    2001 MIT OpenCourseWare

    2002 UNESCO Forum for Higher Education in Developing Countries

    UNESCO website:

    teaching, learning or research materials that are in the public domain or that can be used under an intellectual property license that allows re-use or adaptation (e.g Creative Commons)."

  • Creative Commons (CC)

    non profit organisation

    founded in 2001

    allow users to release material under a license that is not all rights reserved

  • Creative Commons (CC)4 modules




    SA Source: Creative Commons website

  • Reusing CC material

    TASL (title, author, source, license)

    for this study: source removed from worksheets

    cosmetic purposes

    offline mode

  • Situation in Austria

    use copyrighted material in class

    not allowed to copy teaching material

    difference to Germany

    up to 10% of a school book can be copied

  • Prior to Study

    project seminar (EFL teaching)

    preliminary study (February)

  • Study

  • Study

    two weeks

    30 students

    second year of middle school (A1)

    6 lessons (+ 30 minute feedback session)

  • Evaluation Plan

    preparation time (time sheet)

    feedback (from students and teachers)

    target group (material for A1)

  • Results

  • Preparation

    ~39 hours

    most time spent finding material (20 hours)

    problems with CC search engine

    problems with SA module

  • Feedback

    overwhelmingly positive (28/2)

    learned a lot

    better/as good as school book

    too many worksheets

    material not hole punched

  • Target Grouplittle material for target group/topics

    material created using pictures as base

    lots of material in English but not ESL/EFL

    repositories not useful (higher education)

    teachers do not share openly

  • Conclusion

    students enjoyed OER material

    possible to create OER lessons


    offline setting (material distribution)

    lack of awareness of OER material

    integrate in curriculum for teacher training

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