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    Tim Blanks

    Richard Nicoll has a highly established Womenswear line and newly established menswear line, which he debuted in June 2012 at London Fashion Week. The focus of the brand is predomi-nately on day-to-night versatility, making his clothes wearable and functionable at the same time. Richards initial training in menswear is also evident in the collections, for example con-trasting feminine pieces undeneath a masculine tailored coat. His personal experience of growing up in Australia and living in London has culturally influenced the brand style, as he calls it A bit London, a bit Australian and a bit fantasy. The brand has many stockists globally, however the majority are located in London, in prestigious stores such as Harvey Nichols, Matches and Liberty. They have had various collaborations with brands such as; Topshop, Fred Perry, Whistles, Vodafone, Tropicana, Ksubi and also the artist Linder Sterling. Mainting the integrity of his design vision whilst also producing a product that cus-tomers can relate to is at the heart of the Nicoll brand.

    Glamorous but utilitarian. That combo is a significant strand in the Nicoll DNA.

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    Richard Nicoll has Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages, however he needs more followers. On Twitter he currently has 8,000 followers, Facebook page has 7,069 likes and Instagram has 4,161 followers. Social media is such a strong vehicle for promotion, self-expansion and marketing that it is vital to keep it updated regularly and interactive with a brands consumer.

    Through a creation of a new fashion film, Richard Nicoll can put ectra time and effort in promoting the brand and film via his social media pages. To interact with his consumer market and brand advocates he can launch the film specifi-cally on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to hopefully get consumers to spread the word about the film and brand = more diverse target market

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    Christopher Kane

    Jonathon Saunders

    Roksanda Illincic

    Simone Rocha

    Both have collaborated on collections with Top-shop, which can attract similar target consumers.

    Similarity in price points Lack of social media presence, no twitter posts,in-

    stagram or website. Represented by the same PR Company The

    Communications Store. Like Richard Nicoll with Cerrutti, Christopher

    Kane designs for Versaces second line called Versus.

    Winner of the 2011 BFC Vogue Designer Fashion fund.

    Winner of the 2012 BFC Vogue Designer Fashion Fund which gave access to director level mentoring and 200,000.

    Creative director of Italian brand Pollini alongside his own label.

    Collaboration with Topshop Unlike Nicoll the brand features a lot of print and bright

    colours. Trademark item is a colourful A-line shift dress, Richard

    Nicolls is similarly a silk t-shirt oversized dress.

    Known for her elegant day and night dresses and feminine designs.

    Also a graduate of Central Saint Martins MA course.

    Similar stockists Price points are a lot higher than Richard Nicoll. Typical consumer is women aged 25-40 who want

    sophisticated traditional items which are not typi-cally edgy or trend-driven.

    Similar aesthetic in designs that focus on a balance of mas-culinity and femininity. This can often be a style aesthetic consumers want specifically, thus changing between the two brands.

    Mixed culture and heritage backgrounds, which influence their collections.

    Collections are featured in similar range of diverse publica-tions.

    A larger amount of global and prestigious stockists. Similar backgrounds with Newgen sponsorship and associa-

    tion with the British Fashion Council and Fashion East.

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    sThe main objective for the Richard Nicoll launch is to increase brand awareness in two ways and re-affirm the brands ethos. First is to create a sophisticated private evening to showcase the new film and supply a luxurious meal and drinks, which will reaffirm the Richard Nicoll consumer women aged between 25-40 who want sophisticated clothing with day-to-night versatility. This will also be an opportunity for industry insiders to create a buzz around the brand through publication and blog coverage etc. Secondly we want the film to attract a new younger consumer, who perhaps are already advocates of the brand but do not ac-tually buy into it. By launching the film on Richard Nicolls social media pages at a specific time, this will attract new audiences and hopefully more followers and brand consumers.

    The target consumer market growth rate will not happen instantly, it will happen gradually as more and more consumer markets are tapped into. One measurable method will be look-ing at Richard Nicolls social media followers and likes to see if the numbers and interaction increase. It will hopefully gradually increase product sales also, which again will happen gradually. From the film showcase evenings, the invited guests will all be specifically chosen for their links within the industry, therefore this will promote the brand further and cause a large buzz if the evening goes well. There will be a selection of magazine editors and team invited, so if they like what they see they will provide the brand with media coverage and in the future feature Richard Nicoll products in their editorials. This will obviously be evident in the coverage the brand receives and could possibly lead to future potential collaborations.

    The launch event and social media launch will both be achievable for the brand. Funding-wise the event shall get sponsorship by Vodafone, the company has collaborated with Richard Nicoll recently for various projects and have produced a mobile phone charging handbag. The funding will be sufficient to hire The Savoy hotel Abraham Lincoln private room for the evening, catering for the food, flowers, staff and all other necessities. The guest invites will be sent via post to 150 people, and they will RSVP back by email to cut costs. If Vodafone are sponsoring the event, there will need to be some advertisement for them; allowing advertis-

    ing time before the film etc could do this.

    This event launch fits well into the overall pattern of the Richard Nicoll brand. The focus of the social media film launch is purely to market itself and the brand to potential brand consumers via the largest global network. There is nothing extreme in this proposal, noth-ing that the company will not be able to achieve. As long as the guests are invited with time to reply, and everything else is organized, the event should be realistic. The context of the theme fits into the brand ethos also, of sophistication with art references and neutral colour

    palettes.The date for the event is the 6th December at 7:30-11:00, which is on a Friday evening, so will be accessible for people to attend. The launch of the film will be the following day at 3:00pm, it will be a Saturday afternoon so followers will be free to view it and in-teract with likes and comments. The time process of the film creation and launch event has been being planned for the past couple of months therefore there would be suf-ficient time to get all elements organized and finalized. The timing will be well de-fined with the timings going up on Nicolls media pages, to interact with the launch.


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    Journalists and Magazine Representatives

    Film-makers and Photographers

    Bloggers and Writers


    Celebrity Consumers

    Creative Directors and Editors

    Representatives from; The Guardian, The Telegraph, Vogue, Pop, Love, i-D, Wonderland,Harp-ers Bazaar, Tatler, Elle, Glamour. Suzy Menkes,

    Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Kate Bosworth, Diane Kruger, Kylie Minogue, Florence Welch, Keira Knightley and Gwendoline Christie, Laura Bailey and Jose-

    phine de la Baume

    Marketa Ulhirova, Nick Knight/Show Studio, Ruth Hogben, Kathryn Ferguson.

    Susanne Lau (Style Bubble), Michelle Haswell and Marie Thomson (Kingdom of Style), Bip Ling, Laetitia Wajnapel (Mademoisellerobot) Tim Blanks, Laura Bradley,

    Colin Mcdowell,

    The Communications Store, Mandi Lennard, Vodafone, Representatives from Nicoll stockists : Liberty, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Matches, Start Boutique, Topshop and Net-


    Dasha Zhukova and Kate Phelan (Topshop), Imran Amed (The business of fashion) Alex-andra Shulman and Lucinda Chambers (Vogue) Sarah Mower and Caroline Rush (Brit-ish Fashion Council) Lulu Kennedy (Fashion East) Natalie Massenet (Net-a-Porter) Lucy

    Yeomans (Harpers Bazaar)

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    sThe Richard Nicoll brand has an established brand consumer, however through the production of an art influenced fashion film and launch event we want to expand into further target consumer groups.

    The sole purpose of our film and event is to Expand, Promote, Establish and Interact:

    EXPAND into different consumer markets through thePROMOTION of a fashion film, which ESTABLISHES the core brand values and sense of self. Resulting in a further level of INTERACTION through Richard Nicolls social me-dia pages, which the film shall be exclusively launched on.

    As a brand we want to fundamentally attract a younger target consumer, and we believer that social media is the way forward in doing this. At the same time we believe it esse