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  • 1. Calli, Alex, Stephen, Callie, Austin, & Ciara DECADES: THE 1960S The 1960s were a time of immense change socially through the youth counterculture movement, politically through the election of Republican Nixon, and economically through LBJs Great Society and advances in technology, but these were often overshadowed by strong opposition to the Vietnam War and the continued fight for equality for both blacks and women.

2. THE BESTJuly 20th , 1969- Neil Armstrong and BuzzAldrin were the first men to land on themoon. This was significant to history in thatthe space age brought on the advance-ments of computers, telephone,communication satellites that give usdirection, TV, weather, and protection.These were the debates that aired ontelevision for all Americans to have anidea on the presidential platforms.The Kennedy-Nixon debates weresignificant to the 1960s in that they werethe first televised presidential debates everand it showed how television could effectthe results. 3. Woodstock was a free music festival thatattracted more than 400,400 youngsters toa farm in New York in 1969. Peaceful andorganized but ended because of badopinions on the free flowing nature of theconcert and drug use. The significance ofthis event is that it let the hippies expresstheir lifestyle and it brought moreimportance and focus to music and otherthings. 4. The Greensboro sit-ins were a series of nonviolent protests which led to the Woolworths department store chain reversing its policy of racial segregation in the Southern United States. Thesignificance of the Greensboro sit-ins is that the young-men changed the separate isnt equalin a non-violent way, and forever changingsegregation in public places.Opposition to U.S. involvement in theVietnam War began slowly and in smallnumbers in 1964 on various collegecampuses in the United States. This anti-war sentiment developed during a time ofunprecedented student activism reinforcedin numbers by the demographicallysignificant baby boomers, but grew toinclude a wide and varied cross-section ofAmericans from all walks of life. The anti-war movement is often considered to havebeen a major factor affecting Americasinvolvement in the war itself. 5. THE WORST 196419651967 1968On February13, the FrenchMartin Luther King Jr. a March 3, 1965 The Vietnam On Januarydetonated one Nobel Peace Prize winner the first factory war week27, a fire brokeof their firstand a leader of the civil was organized began on Aprilout on thenuclear tests,rights movement was and the mass10th, this week launch padwhich further assassinated in Memphis, production of was killing 3completedLSD started.highlighted byastronauts.TN. This further angeredtheir African Americans and led This began thedraft cardThis illustratedindependencethe civil rights movement abuse of drugsburnings andtechnologicalfrom US into the hysteria that it during the 60s the beginning advances inbecame.military.and 70s. of war protest. NASA. 6. Election of 1968 PartyCandidate andCampaign Main Issue Planks (3)Supporters Popular Vote ElectoralQualifications Slogans VoteHumphrey TrustVietnam Appoint a31,275,116 191Democrats GraduatedHumphrey special42.9%35.5%from the Humphrey-commission toUniversity ofMuskie Tworeform theMinnesota, You Can party rulesUnited StatesTrustgoverningSenatordelegate selection and president nominations, create a Jobs Opportunity Business Sector (JOBS), and strongly support the Paris talks.Republicans NixonNixons theRestore law Rebuild urban31,785,480 301Vice President Oneand order atand rural slum 43.6%56%underNixon Now home andareas, giveEisenhower,make peace in attention andGovernor ofVietnam recognize theCalifornia,importance ofGraduate ofAmericasWhittier youth,College (law)reestablish fiscal responsibility and put an end to increases in the cost of living. 7. Third PartyWallace Stand Up for Racial An enlightened KKK, the deep 9,906,473 46(AmericanGraduate of the Alabamasegregation/ and advancing south13.5% 8.5%Independent) University of Civil Rights educational Alabama, program served in Airassisted but not Corps, controlled by Governor ofthe federal Alabamagovernment,Peace abroadand domestictranquility athome,reestablishmentof the authorityandresponsibilityof localgovernment byreturning to thestates. Link to Cartoon: http://Pixton.com/ic:wozg83e1 8. This table shows the take-off of televised debatesand conventions starting in the 1960s with the Kennedy-Nixon debates.Its significance is that it is showing how manypeople tuned into the new way of being informed about current politics.This graph is showing how illegal and legal immigration was not as much of a problemin the 1960s compared to the 2000s. the significance of this graph is that it is showing how much less immigrating was in the 1960s than in the present. STATS 9. This graph shows the civilianpopulation ratio in 1960. Itwas significantly one of the lowestperiods of unemployment.This is comparing the unemployment rateof the United States, Canada, Japanand Europe. The U.S. had the second highest unemployment rate, being nottoo far behind Canada. 10. This Chart is comparing the amountof Civil Right Movement, Anti-War Movement, Kent State Shooting, and March for Jobs and Freedom led by MLK supporters, to other movements beyond the 1960s. 11. SONGS & VIDEOS Mario Savio: Free Speech Movement http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYSY2ohHFnQ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds The Beatles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNTHY1bNUzc For What Its Worth Buffalo Springfield http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp5JCrSXkJY