PPC Tutorial for Beginners

PPC Tutorial For Beginners


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Transcript of PPC Tutorial for Beginners

Page 1: PPC Tutorial for Beginners

PPC Tutorial For Beginners

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ContentPPCPaid & Organic AdvertisementWhat is Search Engine?How to set up account in Google Adwords?• Target Your Customers• Create Your Ad• Set Pricing• Sign up

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Pay Per Click

• PPC is an online advertisement on search engine when anyone searches any product or services with a particular Keyword.

• The Higher you take bid the higher the your site appear in the search result for the selected keywords.

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Paid & Organic Advertisement

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What is Search Engine?

• A Search Engine is a software systems designed to search information over World Wide Web. The data is may in the form of web pages, videos, images and other forms of file.

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Paid & Organic Advertisement

• Paid Advertisement has benefit that it dive traffic more frequently to your website.

• Organic search results are the Web page listings that most closely match the user’s search query based on relevance.

• Sources of Organic Traffic Include:Referral from other website (links).Referral from search engines.

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How to set up account in Google Adwords?• Target Your Customers• Create Your Ad• Set Pricing• Sign up

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Target Customers

• Google Adwords allows to target your audience by Language And Country

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Benefits of Adwords Location & Language Targeting• Google Adwords location

targeting permits your ads to appear in the geographic locations that you choose.

• 40 different language targeting option you can choose.

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Create Your Ad• Write down your Ad Text and decide your

targeted keywords that will trigger your Ads.

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Set Pricing

• Choose Your Currency

• Set the maximum Bid (Cost-Per-Click).

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• Choose your daily budget.

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Sign up

• Finish your creating an Ad Words account by providing Your email address and choose password. When you are ready submit your billing updates.

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PPC Training Course

• PPC Training in Noida provides Live project training/classes at affordable price, study materials with free Google Adwords Certification.

• Our Pay Per Click Training course curriculum is especially designed under the guideline of Google, Bing and other search engine.