Poziv na Innovation workshop

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Zagreb, 15.3.2012., 12:30 - 17:00

Transcript of Poziv na Innovation workshop

  • innovationworkshop

    four and a half innovative hours to raise awareness, learn and explore basic elements and methods for building innovation capacity

    4 UZagreb, 15.3.2012. 12:30 - 17:00

  • Innovation means to connect in one creating, designing and implementing new solutions that have a real value (market, organizational, social - depends on the context...). Innovation development consists of innovation process (how to innovate) and practice of innovation (add on of specific knowledge and value criteria). This workshop is focused on learning about innovation processes, methods and tools which can be applied in practice and our sense of innovation is based on the principles of co-creation and collaboration.

    We would like to touch these kind of questions in the context of your work and spend inspiring afternoon around innovation with you...!

    Are you interesting in these kind of questions:?How to start work more innovative in a collaborative way??Which methods can help a group to develop innovative ideas that are ready for implementation??How to re-use some of the capacities for innovations and build new one in our teams/organization??What is possible for us, our teams and our company if we co-create collectively oriented innovations?

    What's on offer? Learning about innovation process and how to

    apply it into your work

    Exploring diverse innovation context

    Models of idea development that engage people and foster actions

    Sharing local and international examples and experiences

    Why innovation workshop now? The best innovations happens in the times of

    crisis - challenging, unsafe times...! It happens naturally, so why not to give more light and air to what wants and needs to be born!

    In just couple of hours, you can gain real knowledge and experiences which can be applied immediately

    To announce a three day workshop in July 2012 and gain insights about needs

  • Hosting teamJan Hein Nielsen

    The Art of Hosting The Flow Game



    Denmark, has been working in the field of large-scale organizational change and development for the last 17 years. In consultancy he has especially worked with innovative companies with a strategy of growth in their line of business and market. Jan is the owner of the consultancy company Uphill and partner in Flow Game Company aps. Jan has co-founded

    and . He is the author of the book on process of innovation.

    We came to the idea to bring this workshop to you in a collaborative way because we are all involved with innovation in the context of our own work. We think that it make sense to raise awareness around innovation and offer structure for connecting, exploring, inquiring, addressing issues and learning more about innovation as a process and a new way of doing things... We have competences and skills to train people for working more innovative and build capacity for innovation. The strength of our team is the offer of diverse but complementary skills and experiences.



    includes partcipation fee, refreshments and snacks, workshop documentation and harvesting

    - 550 kn + PDV - corporate - 300 kn + PDV - NGO, individuals

    Hotel InternacionalMiramarska 24, Zagreb

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    Tomislav Kotinik VIDIJasmina Lukaevi HRproMiljenka Plazoni Bogdan esti Oblik

    VIDI e-novation


    Croatiainnovators of the previous award contest

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