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Bell Ringer 10-31-14 Take out your NEW IAN notebook. Begin to number the BOTTOM of EVERY pages Back and Front. Stop when you get to page 100.

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  • Bell Ringer 10-31-14

    • Take out your NEW IAN notebook.

    • Begin to number the BOTTOM of EVERY pages Back and Front.

    • Stop when you get to page 100.

  • MYP UNIT Question: What Moves YOU?

    Area Of Interaction: HUMAN Ingenuity

    Learner Profile: Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Communication

    Essential Question: How does being organize in science help me to learn?


    S8CS1. Students will explore the importance of curiosity, honesty, openness, and skepticism in science and will exhibit these traits in their own efforts to understand how the world works.

    a. Understand the importance of—and keep—honest, clear, and accurate records in science.

    Learning Target :Today I will learn how to set up and use my IAN notebook this is important because being organized will help me to able to study better

    Homework: Complete IAN notebook setup

  • Work with your group and create a poster that lists 5 ways that IAN notebooks help them you science.

    Opening- Gimmie 5

  • Work Session Ian Notebook Set-up

    On the back , write: If found please return to Mr Floyd in room 301

    On the front write:


  • •Write Unit 2: Forces and Motions

    •Your Name

    •Class period

    On inside cover

  • •Number the bottom corner of EVERY page (back and front)

    • Stop when you get to page 100 .

  • o We will fold page 101 in the shape of a triangle.

    oTake the left corner and fold it down so that it makes a triangle.

    oTake the right corner and so the same.

    oWrite Bell Ringers on the top.

    Page 101– Bell Ringers Section We will do this together!!

  • On the Bell Ringer pages

    make 5 horizontal lines (from left to

    right) on each page and label them with the

    days of the week.

  • Ian Notebook Page 1

    • Classroom Rules –You will have 5 minutes to copy and read the classroom rules into your IAN notebook - •Remember your homework is to have your parents sign the contract.

  • 1-I will come to class on TIME and with all my materials. (IAN notebook, pencil)

    2- I will follow all instruction the first time they are given.

    3-I will NOT speak (talk) unless I have been given permission!!!!

    4-I will remain seated unless I have been given permission to get up.

    5-I will keep my hand, feet, and object to myself.

    6-I will respect my classroom, shared materials, my teachers, my classmates, and myself

    Classroom Rules

  • • Read and share this page with your parents * they must sign it!!

    • It will tell you where to get missing work, when I provide tutoring, the grading scale and MORE!!

    Page 2- General Information Page

  • • On the top line write

    • Table of Content.

    • Fold the paper so that it has three columns.

    • Label the columns the following:

    Date Activity Page #

    Pages 3,4, & 5 Table of Content

  • • IAN 7,8,& 9

    • Take the top right corner of the first page and fold it down to the spine of your book. Glue or tape the right hand side and bottom of page to make your pocket.

    • You will keep your Unit 2 Vocabulary and other important handouts in this pocket!


  • Science Rules: 1. I will act responsibly at all times during science activities. 2. I will follow the teacher's instructions and laboratory instructions carefully. 3. I will wear safety goggles and protective clothing appropriately when instructed to do so. 4. I will tie back long hair, remove jewelry, and wear closed end (both toe and heel) shoes when instructed to do so. 5. I will not taste, eat, drink, or inhale anything during science class unless instructed to do so by the teacher. 6. I will tell the teacher if I see someone or something that is unsafe.

    Page 10– Safety Contract Please GLUE the following safety contract into your IAN notebook – both

    you and your parents must sign this!!

  • •Glue the science lab report document on the inside back cover of your IAN notebook.


  • http://science360.gov/obj/video/642db496-d506-432e-85b4-4e38f75d9142/newtons-three-laws-motion