Powering Technology-Driven, Competitive-Driven, and Consumer-Driven Automotive Innovation

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Powering Technology-, Competitive-, & Consumer- Driven Automotive Innovation Bao Bui Senior Applications Specialist

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In the global automotive industry, challenges, opportunities and risks are everywhere - Business models and consumer requirements are ever-changing, government regulations drive design, emerging markets continue to push demand and competitiveness to new limits, and supply chains are increasingly volatile. To compete in one of the most competitive and dynamic markets there is, automotive companies and suppliers must connect product development teams to one another, and to the intelligence they need in order to make informed, optimal decisions, enabling them to: -Identify new markets and partners - Gain a rapid understanding of the competitive landscape -Identify technology trends, including potential next-generation products, as well as the key players involved in their development -Glean insights from Big Data and consumer sentiment expressed in social media -Develop new concepts for product developments During this special automotive webinar on “Powering Technology-Driven, Competitive-Driven, and User-Driven Automotive Innovation” we will take a look at how the above is made easy with Goldfire, The Optimal Decision Engine.

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  • 1. Powering Technology-,Competitive-, & Consumer-Driven Automotive InnovationBao BuiSenior Applications Specialist

2. InnovationOpportunity 3. CONSIDER THIS >> 4. The annual growth for the auto industry isexpected to hit 6% through 2017** Oliver Wyman Automotive Practice 5. The automotive industry wastes $9.7B,annually, of R&D dollars working onpreviously patented solutions.- IRN Services 6. 40% of all automotive R&D spending is onproducts that do not yield a sufficientreturn.- Oliver Wyman Automotive Practice 7. Suppliers will be responsible for nearly 60% of the industrys R&D work by the end of the decade, compared with approximately 40% today.* SalesToday 2020 Supplier40%40% Spend 60% 60% Manufacturer Spend* Oliver Wyman Automotive Practice 8. Auto innovation today requires on-demand connectivity to:Technology trendsCompetitive trendsConsumer trends 9. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THEFULL PRESENTATION &ON-DEMAND VIDEO REPLAY:http://InventionMachine.com/AutoInno