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Transcript of Powerful Habits Optimized. - · PDF file engaged in daily self-improvement, creating a...

  • Powerful Habits Optimized.

    Executive Summary

  • Habits optimized

    Success Philosophy

    Leadership Nutrition




    Powerful, healthy and productive habits are key to human success. Behind every successful individual is a support team. Optimity digitally mimics this multidisciplinary support team to coach each employee towards their optimal state, building a culture of self-improvement.

    Optimity enables the habits of consistent goal- setting and daily wellness, while adapting to each person’s individuality to optimize work and life. Over time, each individual’s habit cluster and distribution enables unique insights into their personalities and behavior archetypes.

  • Data-driven Wellness Platform

    Evidence-based content Keep your team healthy with physician & specialist- recommended activities, all based on Mayo Clinic’s research to reduce risk for preventable chronic diseases.

    Tailored experience Customize your wellness app to fit your needs. We help you give employees an unified experience across all geographies, devices and platforms.

    Centralized results Visualize trends across offices and job-functions. Powered by our aggregated data-set, you can drive results & engagement from a centralized admin panel.

    Data-driven Wellness Platform The Optimity platform aggregates your employees’ individual efforts and gamifies your wellness initiatives to sustainably cultivate healthy habits, connect employees and reduce business costs. We help you launch an integrated wellness program from hundreds of health apps & wearables.

    Wellness optimized

  • Data-driven Wellness Platform

    Achieve industry-leading engagement results with gamified wellness initiatives & our device-agnostic platform that offers calendar integration, incentives management & a centralized data hub with no privacy concerns.


    Can I access the program through mobile devices? YES

    Can I access the program on web browsers? YES

    Is there a wearable device included? Mi Band GCC Pulse Pedometer Fitbit

    Are my wellness activities auto-scheduled based on my calendar availablity? YES - opt-in

    Are there rewards or incentives? YES

    Can I track my steps using just my smartphone? YES


    Am I able to use other wearables & apps with the program? 244+ devices & apps Fitbit & Jawbone Fitbit & Jawbone

    Can I view usage and engagement in real time? YES


    Can I customize content for my program? YES

    Can I customize my own rewards? YES - includes HSA contribution

    Does the program offer ongoing admin training? YES - 1-on-1 sessions

    Can I create events or messages to all employees? YES

    Can I segment my employees into teams, by divisions or locations? YES

    Can I create challenges? YES

    Can I send targeted challenges and messages to specific user segments? YES

    Can I create action-based tasks and see who has completed them? YES


    Does the program provide me with action-based activities to do in an office setting? YES

    Can I view company announcements & participate in community initiatives? YES

    Can I receive training on financial wellness? YES

    Can I receive training for workplace safety? YES

  • Data-driven Wellness Platform

    Everyday Health as the Core of Your Corporate Culture Employees are the lifeblood of your business. When they are happy and healthy, business flourishes however, when they are not, the results can be detrimental. Wellness solutions can ensure your employees are engaged and have an astounding effect on morale

    Start Your Movement! Having the tools and resources to keep employees happy and healthy is crucial to the success of every organization. We are here to help!

    dooo@myOptimity.com 1.416.428.6125 myOptimity.com

    How Bright are Your Stars Shining? Employee wellness and productive habit training is an essential part of your business strategy. Having the tools to keep employees happy, healthy and engaged is crucial to the success of every organization.

    Our Client Results

    Engagement optimized

  • Data-driven Wellness Platform

    Admin Dashboard Optimity admin is the centralized hub to nurture a culture of healthy habits. Focused on metrics and results, the dashboard helps you coach employees using data insights. You can customize goals and incentivize activites for higher engagement.

    Our software helps you empower your people to achieve their wellness goals. From multi-office step competitions to cross-platform corporate announcements, Optimity makes it easy and fun to lead and coach your team in achieving your organization’s optimal workplace culture.

    Sample Initiatives • Flexibility | Prevention for Back Pain & Injuries

    Great office-friendly activities that employees can do in their work setting. Everything from a quick stretch to safety tips to keep employees from workplace injuries.

    • Steps | Prevention for Heart Disease

    Get competitive with steps & compete with colleagues to keep employees moving towards better health. We count steps passively through smartphones & wearables.

    • Nutrition | Prevention for Diabetes & Obesity

    Tips & tricks to help employees make healthy, energy-boosting food choices mid-day. Receive snack recommendations & education on effects of increasing fiber or protein.

    • Mindset | Prevention for Alzheimer’s Disease & Depression

    Training the mind is like training any muscle in the body. Brain exercises and stress management will allow employees to gracefully handle daily challenges everyday.

  • Insights optimized

    Behavior Change Productivity Gains Early Intervention

    In this habit-building phase, users identify goals and discover activities that fit into their existing daily routines. They become engaged in daily self- improvement, creating a distinct culture of self-actualization.

    As users establish powerful life habits, they gain momentum and show significant improvements in their health metrics and job productivity. Performance soars with increased utilization of more difficult and advanced challenges.

    As clusters of habits are established, this new routine becomes the user’s baseline data. Any events, variation or inconsistency can be actioned on to proactively ensure employees’ personal and professional wellbeing.

    We provide leaders with innovative tools to build a culture of self-improvement. Our platform allows for daily interaction with employees at a pace set by management. Our system provides real-time feedback on usage and quantifiable aggregate results to firmly provide metrics on outcomes. Through education and engagement, we help you action on insights into helping employees optimize work-life balance.

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  • Data-driven Wellness Platform

    Optimity Overview


    Optimity is the wellness partner of choice for leaders who want to create and maintain a world-class workforce


    We strive to create a proactive corporate health culture where being at the office does not mean sacrificing a healthy lifestyle


    We create tools that enable you to lead the movement to build a healthy advantage and positively impact the bottom-line for your organization. We do so by providing software and services that focus on utility, education and entertainment to return your investment in the employees’ health.

    • Unhealthy workers cost employers an average of $11,176 per year more than their healthier peers

    • HR departments are investing 35% more money into wellness in 2014 however, solutions are still underutilized due to disengagement


    Optimity provides a lean software solution to create a crisp, unified and engaging user experience for the your teams.

    We provide leaders with the tools and content to implement measureable change. Our platform allows for daily interaction with employees at a pace that is set by management. Our system provides real- time feedback on user engagement and quantifiable aggregate results to firmly provide return on investment metrics.

    Our duty is to understand the intersection of employee needs and your business goals in order to deliver a solution that improves health, drives productivity, saves time and costs.

    • Employers are paying 50% more per year in healthcare costs for employees with poor mental health

    • Most HR managers recognize that they do not have the time or necessary resources to manage wellness effectively and consistently

    Employee Wellness is a Top Corporate Concern

  • Optimize the Way You Work.

    Request a free consultation and demo.

    www.myOptimity.com 1.416.912.7408 engage@myOptimity.com