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  • PowerfulDiscovery PowerfulCompany PowerfulTechnology

  • The Power behind PETWhy PET?PowerSolutionsECAT TomographsECAT SoftwareRDS SolutionsContact

  • Clinical Benefits of PET ImagingImpact on patient managementReduced patient risk/improved patient outcomeIncreased revenue for diagnostic servicesAid to defining appropriate care pathwaysDecreased overall healthcare costs

  • Why PET?Patients - helps physicians detect disease earlier, eliminates some surgeriesReferring Physicians - helps physicians determine correct diagnoses, improve staging, suggest appropriate Tx, assess Tx results Interpreting Physicians - helps improve diagnostic accuracy, increased referrals, revenue generationAdministrators - increased revenue in FFS environment, decreased costs in capitated environment, increased overall referral base

  • ECAT PET ScannersECAT ART - Clinical PerformanceECAT EXACT HR+ - Highest PerformanceECAT EXACT - Reliable PerformanceECAT ACCEL - Increased PerformanceECAT The Performance

  • ECAT EXACTReliable Performance

  • ECAT EXACT AdvantagesMost widely used system in the worldProven clinical performanceProven mobile (more than 20 installed)3.4 mm axial samplingHigh clinical throughput efficiency

  • ECAT EXACTCase Study 1

  • ECAT EXACTCase Study 1

  • ECAT EXACTCase Study 1

  • ECAT EXACT: The Ideal Mobile ScannerCompact designNo electronic cabinetsWater-cooledFiber-optic cablingEMI shieldingNow shippingMore than 20 installations

  • ECAT EXACT (mobile)Case Study 1

  • ECAT EXACT HR+Highest Performance

  • ECAT EXACT HR+ AdvantagesHighest clinical resolution availableFinest axial sampling (63 slices; 2.4 mm)High countrate performanceHigh system sensitivity


  • ECAT EXACT HR+Case Study 1

  • ECAT EXACT HR+Case Study 1

  • ECAT ARTClinical Performance

  • ECAT ART AdvantagesHighest clinical efficiencyCost-effective BGO detectorsMeasured randoms, scatter, and attenuation correctionSingle-photon transmission scanning** Patent No. 5,471,061

  • ECAT ARTCase Study 1

  • ECAT ARTCase Study 1

  • ECAT ARTCase Study 1

  • ECAT ACCELIncreased Performance

  • ECAT Accel AdvantagesHigh throughput whole-body system (



  • ECAT ACCELCase Study 1

  • ECAT ACCELCase Study 1

  • ECAT ACCELCase Study 1

  • ECAT ACCELCase Study 1

  • ECAT ACCELCase Study 1

  • ECAT ACCELCase Study 1

  • ECAT ACCELCase Study 1

  • ECAT ACCEL All in a days workCase Study 1

  • ECAT ACCEL All in a days workCase Study 1

  • ECAT SoftwareClinically orientedUnparalleled whole-body acquisition and processingProven 3D-imaging providing higher sensitivity and shorter scan timesDICOM**Work-in-progress

  • Clinically Oriented SoftwareClinical usabilityPoint and click interfacesOnline helpSimultaneous acquisition and reconstructionAutomated bed movementInterleaved transmission / emission imagingMenu-driven toolsResearch capabilitiesOpen source code availableIDL-based imaging toolsUNIX-based Sun workstations

  • ECAT DICOM* ServerACR/NEMA DICOM 3.0 supportPET 100 compliantAutomated image transfer*Work-in-progress*Work-in-progress

  • ECAT Software

  • RDS SolutionsRDS Eclipse**Works-in-progress

    RDS 111

  • RDS SolutionRDS 111Most widely used commercial cyclotronPatented deep valley magnet designRDS Eclipse*Optimized self-shieldingHighest output/yield


    QuadRxMulti run FDG moduleConsistent high yield

  • PowerSolutionsECAT ScannersP.E.T.NetChemistryRDSServiceSources

  • Service Solutions

  • PET Service Marketing ProgramReference libraryCost-effectiveness dataClinical utility data by indicationLiterature references with patient management algorithmsTraining and educational supportPreceptorshipsOn-site technical trainingPhysician CME ProgramsPatient education materials

  • More Marketing AssistancePET service promotional toolsPress kitCD ROM tutorialSlide libraryDiscussions in PET Imaging newsletterPhysician referral packetReimbursement assistanceOn-site billing instructionBest demonstrated practices from largest installed base

  • Total Solutions for PET Imaging

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