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2. Hello! I am Sam. I am a FIREFIGHTER I WORK IN THE 3. Hello! I am Paul. I am a CHEF I WORK IN A RESTAURANT 4. Hi! I am Lily. I am a FARMER. I WORK IN 5. Hello! I am Tom. I am a DOCTOR I WORK IN A HOSPITAL Hello! I am Liz. I am a NURSE I WORK IN A HOSPITAL 6. MY NAME IS MARY. I AM A HAIRDRESSER I WORK IN A HAIR SALON 7. My name is Lucy. I am a POLICE OFFICER I WORK IN A POLICE STATION 8. I am Marcos. I am a VETERINARIAN I WORK IN A VET 9. My name is Alice. I am a TEACHER I WORK IN THE SCHOOL 10. My name is John. I am a POSTMAN I WORK IN THE CITY 11. I am Mikel I am a DENTIST I WORK IN A DENTIST CLINIC 12. We are Mario and Lola. We are ASTRONAUTS WE WORK IN THE SPACE 13. I am Elisa. I am a DANCER I WORK IN THE DANCE FLOOR 14. We are MUSICIANS 15. I am Anna. I write stories. I am a WRITER 16. I am Laura. I am a SINGER I LOVE MUSIC 17. My name is Tod. I am a LIFE GUARD I WORK IN THE BEACH 18. I am CARLOS. I am a WAITER I WORK IN A RESTAURANT 19. We are Maria and Lucas. We are PAINTERS. 20. THANK YOU!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!!