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  • 7/28/2019 Powderhorn Art Fair 2010


    One of the countrys nest regional art fairs

  • 7/28/2019 Powderhorn Art Fair 2010


    2 One of the countrys nest regional art fairs PowderhornArtFair2010

    Welcome to the Powderhorn Art Fair!

    About the coverMinneapolis Skyline was created by painter and 2009

    Powderhorn Art Fair Best of Show artist Anastasia Maka-

    renko. It is the theme art for the 2010 Powderhorn Art Fair.

    She is a featured artist in the Award Winner section of the


    To me, making art is both challenging and enter-

    taining, I enjoy passing the great pleasure I feel from

    creating paintings to those who acquire them. My art

    exists to fulll souls and relieve stress. While the ac-

    tual process of painting is driven by my experiences

    and imagination, I let the audience nd their own life

    force in my work be it happy, nostalgic, mysterious,or purely decorative.

    Anastasia Makarenko

    Mission StatementThe Powderhorn Art Fair is a regional ne arts and crafts

    fair developed to promote the uniqueness of the Powder-

    horn Park Neighborhood to the greater Minneapolis and

    Saint Paul Metropolitan area. Proceeds are used to support

    programming at Powderhorn Park.

    2010 Powderhorn Art Fair Sponsors

    Welcome...Each summer white tents dot the landscape around Powderhorn Park bringing indi-

    viduals from all over the country together to enjoy an abundance of creativity and skill

    that ows through the artists participating in the Powderhorn Art Fair. The park, the

    lake, the surrounding community, and event coordinators and volunteers make this a

    fantastic event; however, the real beauty of the Powderhorn Art Fair is that the events

    impact is felt throughout the year and not just on event days. Proceeds from the Art

    Fair help fund park programs such as theatre arts, computer lab, teen center, music

    recording studio, the pottery studio and team sports giving neighborhood residents

    of all ages a safe environment in which to play, learn and grow.

    As you enjoy this years Fair, please take a moment to reect on your importance to

    Powderhorn Park and our community. We appreciate you taking time to experience the

    uniqueness of the Powderhorn Park neighborhood and hope you will visit us regularly.

    This event is brought to you by...A partnership between the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood (PPNA) and the Minneap-olis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB). Their staffs are supported by a wide variety

    of community volunteers, event organizers, and staff.

    Art Fair CommitteeAndrea Altman

    Brenna Busse

    Deborah Foutch

    Laura Burlis

    Antara Busse-Rein

    Art Fair StaffDixie Treichel -Art Fair Coordinator, Main Exhibitors

    Kari Neathery -Finances & Sponsors

    Terry Baumgardner & Cate Long - Community Showcase & Group Exhibitors

    Nick Lethert - Webmaster & Graphic Design

    Jordan Peterson - Graphic Designer

    Neil Morningstar - Public Relations

    Terry Baumgardner -Administration

    Susan Hagler - Twin Cities Non-Prot Ad Sales

    Cyndi Butler - Volunteer Coordinator

    Dan Rein - Entertainment Coordinator

    Kelly Newcomer - Program Layout & Design

    Trafc Coordinators

    Powderhorn Art Fair 2010 Main Exhibitor JurorsBonnie Lauber-Westover

    Deborah RamosDanny Saathoff

    Spirit of Powderhorn, Community Showcase JurorTammy Ortegon

    Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association StaffKari Neathery - Executive Director

    Terry Baumgardner - Ofce Manager

    Katie Dudzik - Community Organizer

    Minneapolis Park & Recreation StaffPeter Jaeger - Powderhorn Park Director

    Dave Garmany - Recreation & Building Coordinator

    Special Thanks To...Powderhorn Art Fair Volunteers

    Single Volunteers of the Twin Cities

    Powderhorn Park Staff & Maintenance Workers

    Artist Lounge Food Contributors:

    I .

    I I

    - : -

    Franklin Street Bakery

    Gandhi Mahal

    Holy Land Bakery & Deli

    May Day Cafe

    Peace Coffee

    Sisters Camelot

    Turtle Bread Bakery

  • 7/28/2019 Powderhorn Art Fair 2010


    The Powderhorn Art fair is here again,

    nineteen years and stronger than ever.

    I would like to say a special thank you

    to all the artists, vendors, musicians, and

    neighborhood volunteers that make this event

    so special. All of their talent, dedication,

    and hard work make this a premier event for

    everyone to enjoy.

    This Art Fair ensures that all children in thisneighborhood will have more opportunities to

    express themselves through the programs and

    activities offered here at Powderhorn Park.

    For this I would like to personally thank each

    one of you for attending or exhibiting at the

    Powderhorn Art Fair this year.

    All proceeds from the Art Fair make a huge

    impact on the kids and community that live

    around this magnicent park. As we enter

    August the kids at Powderhorn have enjoyed

    their time off participating in theater and

    ceramic camps, shing, arts, drumming and

    eld trips to name a few. Older youth have

    been canoeing, attending teen nights, recording

    in the studio, or working in our teen job

    program. From all the staff at the park, and all

    the youth in the neighborhood, we would like

    to extend a giant thank you and welcome you

    to Powderhorn Park. Enjoy yourself today and

    well see you again soon.


    Peter Jaeger

    Powderhorn Park Center Director

    PowderhornArtFair2010 One of the countrys nest regional art fairs 3

    ThankYouFrom the PowderhornPark Director

    Photo byDave Garmany

    Theater Arts Summer Camp creating set props for upcoming performance.

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  • 7/28/2019 Powderhorn Art Fair 2010


    Longevity InvitationalAward Winners

    Mimi Alexander18 years at PAF

    Jewelry MN

    Charlotte Fung Miller16 years at PAF

    Painting WI

    Community ShowcaseAward Winner

    Katrina Scheele

    Group ExhibitorAward Winner

    Waasa Inaadibaa

    2009 Main Exhibitor JurorsJuanita Espinosa

    Kyle L. Fokken

    Nate Petterson

    2009 Spirit of Powderhorn,Community Showcase,

    Group Exhibitors Award Juror:

    Florence Hill

    2009 Art Fair Awards

    4 One of the countrys nest regional art fairs PowderhornArtFair2010

    InvitationalAward Winners

    Mike BoseClay IA

    Ron ByersPhotography WI

    Tim ByrnsWood MN

    Holly FossPrintmaking MN

    Timothy HaugenFiber MN

    Dain LarsonMixed Media MN

    Jay NielsonJewelry MN

    Laura NugentPainting KS

    Karla Van WagnerGlass WI

    Cynthia WynnSculpture FL

    Each year four top awards and ten invitational awards are given to Main Exhibi-

    tors as well as Community Showcase and Group Exhibitor awards. All artists are

    eligible for The Spirit of Powderhorn award.

    A panel of three judges of varying art backgrounds (one of whom is a Powder-

    horn Park Neighborhood resident) is chosen by the Art Fair Committee to select

    the Main Exhibitor award winners.

    One judge is chosen by the Community Showcase Committee to select the Spirit

    of Powderhorn award winner (the artist whose work best represents the unique

    qualities found in the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood), and Best of for the

    Community Showcase and Group Exhibitors.

    In 2009 two special awards were given for Longevity honoring the many yearsthese two artists have participated in the Powderhorn Art Fair.

  • 7/28/2019 Powderhorn Art Fair 2010


    2009 Art Fair Awards

    Honorable Mention Tom AshworthMixed Media MN

    Tom Ashworth is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and a graphic designer, illus-

    trator and cartoonist for thirty years. Since 2001 Tom has been creating three-dimensional

    mixed media sculptures. The quality of workmanship and creativity has garnered Tom not

    only awards, but captured the imagination of art fair visitors and fellow artists.

    Second Place Steve TomashekPhotography MN

    Steve Tomashek lives and works full time as an artist in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he pur-