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Transcript of Powder Coatings with system - KABE · PDF filein powder coatings manufacturing and the quality...

  • Colour is life Life is colour

    Colours shape our lives. They createwell-being in us and engender joy.

    For us too, colours are our inspiration to develop decorative, high-performance, colourful powder coating systems.

    Whether rational or intuitive, whether guided by functionality or searching for beauty, you benefit with us from many years of practice-oriented experiencewith powder coatings.

    Our POLyFLEX powder coatings expand your feasibility in design and coating.


    Powder Coatings Competence and Innovation

    Powder Coatings with system








  • Leave nothing to chance. Our decades of experience in the development of powder coatings and our modern manufacturing methods guarantee high product consist- ency, colour hue accuracy, and functionally optimal pow-der coatings modulated to your specific application.

    Innumerable products coated with our powder coatings in a broad diversity of applications prove our competence in powder coatings manufacturing and the quality of our products.

    Key quality criteria for our powder coatings: efficient processability, good coverage, colour hue stability, long gloss life, and a custom properties profile to match your application.

    The success of our powder coatings on the market is due to our committed and highly qualified personnel as well as to our customers.


    Powder Coatings Competence and Innovation

    POLYFLEX Powder Coatingsfor you only the best

  • Consulting and ServiceWe are more than just a powder coating supplier. Are you looking for new, trendsetting coating solutions? Our experienced technical consultants and develop-ment engineers will work with you to develop system solutions tailored to your specific needs.

    KABE services

    Competent order center

    High-performance logistics

    Short delivery times

    Modern application technology center

    Contacts with extensive technical know-how

    Targeted courses for your employees

    Employee training on site

    The specialists at KABE will optimize your coating processes on site

    Disposal solutions for powder coating waste

    Unique Polybox packaging (see separate flyer)

    At KABE Karl Bubenhofer AG we give you more support for even more expertise and innovation in the powder coating field.

  • Innovation as capital for the futureLets plan your future together. Our powder coating systems offer you new perspectives for tomorrows coating projects. In our research and development laboratory we are continu-ally creating new powder coatings with unique properties. Many of our pioneering innovations have resulted from close cooperation with our customers.

    All new developments are thoroughly tested for application suitability in our modern powder coating technology centre. Using state-of-the-art testing equipment, we test for proces-sability on the enamelling line and the required properties of the powder coating film.

    We want to make our future success your success too when working with us.

  • The company is in its third generation of ownership by the Bubenhofer family. It is group independent, managed by a family member and has utmost flexibility thanks to short decision-making paths.

    We manufacture our powder coatings in new, modernly equipped production facilities.

    We have our own research, development and application centre with the state-of-the-art technical infrastructure.

    We take ecology seriously by using environmentally-friendly raw materials and packaging. Our Polybox, for example, is an innovative reusable container solution.

    A company dependable and dynamic

    Our ISO 9001 certification guarantees products with consistently high quality.

  • Industrial applicationsWith their excellent application-specific properties and durability, our powder coatings are ideal for outdoor industrial use.

    We offer powder coating solutions for corrosion protection on building parts that are subject to highly corrosive environmental conditions. With pre-treatment that is appropriate to the application, these systems guarantee long-term protection under even the severest conditions.

    Our special outgassing-resistant exterior powder coatings ensure a homogenous, trouble-free, weather-resistance surface even with outgassing substrates (e.g. hot-dip dalvanised).


    Powder Coatings Competence and Innovation

    Outdoor Use

  • Long-life guarantee and architectural aestheticsKarl Bubenhofer AG has the right facade powder coating solution for every style and concept. The great diversity of colour hues and surfaces of our facade systems gives architects virtually unlimited freedom of design.

    We are the competent partner for builders, architects and building contractors when it comes to innovative surface systems. Because trust is engendered by certainty, our powder coatings for facade applications are regularly tested by approved product quality organisations.

    Product tested and approvedfor quality approvals:

  • Because design demands uncon-ventional solutions... Our broad selection of effects, textures and colour hues give surfaces coated with our powder coatings an aesthetically perfect finish. Thanks to our pow-der coatings, designers are given nearly unlimited freedom to design surfaces as they wish.

    Beside the decorative effects, our powder coatings protect surfaces against mechanical damage. To protect surfaces against chemical substances, we can offer you appropriate powder coatings.

    Our powder coatings have been successfully used for many years in providing finishings for furni-ture, lighting elements, shop furnishings, shelves, household appliances and much more.


    Interior Use

    Powder Coatings Competence and Innovation

  • diversity and comfort for interiors POLYFLEX powder coatings also contribute to well-being indoors.

    Powder coating elements such as shutters, metal ceiling panels, office furniture, door frames, wall claddings and lighting equipment colourfully en-hance living and work spaces.

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    KABE Farben

    With KABE products you and your customers profit from high-quality finished products and a reliable and dynamic Swiss family-owned enterprise.

    Comprehensive services

    Own research centre with highly developed laboratory infrastructure

    Optimal company size with lean organisational structures

    Independent of group affiliations, with short decision- making paths

    A leader in environmental protection

    A disposal and recycling system unique in the industry

    Powder Coatings Competence and Innovation


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