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  • Dive in the sky Lithuania, Kaunas Vyturys high school Povilas Daniulaitis, 8th grade
  • My School My school is called Kauno Vyturio high school. Some of people ask: Why did you choose this school? I answer to them: I didnt, my mother did. But after five years I can tell myself why I like it.
  • My School My school is good. I do not say its perfect. There are better schools in the world. But I like it here. Our school is modern and has a class with smart lights, that help to save energy and protect the environment! Theres only one class in the whole Lithuania, which has smart lights and its in Kaunas! And almost every class has a slide projector and a computer.
  • My School So I like this school because of: 1. Friendly teachers(not all but the bigest part). 2. Beautiful landscape. 3.The teachers teach us very well. 4. Our school is pretty modern.
  • My Regular Day I always get up at 6:00 a.m. or earlier. Then I go to stadium, walk with my dog and run a few laps. After that I head back home, have breakfast, take my bike (I go everywhere with it) and ride to school...
  • My Regular Day After school I have some time to relax till the training begins. On my free time I love doing something creative. Like drawing, writing and stuff (you can see a little drawing of mine. I made this in year 2008)...
  • My Regular Day After some free time my training begins. I go to orienteer sports and Aikido. I LOVE orienteer sport. Theres always something new, forest beauty and fresh air... And Aikido is a kind of martial arts with no brutality.
  • My Beautiful Country I live in a very beutiful coutry called Lithuania. Its beauty is hiding in the forests... Forests take almost 30 percent of Lithuania. In ancient times they were all full of Bison bonasus- it is now a symbol of my native town Kaunas. Nida Kaunas
  • My Beautiful Country And I cant help telling about our 2nd religion. Its basketball. This year on FIBA Europe we won silver medal!
  • My Beautiful Country Lithuania is a great place for your next vacation, too! If you like nature, cycling, orienteer sport then Lithuania is just for you! Also you can gather mushrooms and make tasty dishes here. Lithuania your next vacation destination! Trakai
  • Astronomy in Lithuania The Big Art of Artillery, published in 1650. Its a book written by this guy! Kazimieras Simonaviius Do you recognize a sketch of the first rocket? Its a drawing of Kazimieras Simonaviius!
  • At the Museum of etnocosmology in Moltai you can take a look at the stars, moon and comets racing by the Earth Astronomy in Lithuania Observatory Museum Entrance
  • Meet our most famous astronomer Gunaras Kakaras. One of his biggest merits - the Enthnocosmology Museum in Moletai. Astronomy in Lithuania
  • Astronomy in Lithuania Hello, Space, Lithuania welcomes you! This year at 8th of December we are going to launch the first Lithuanian sattelite called LIT-SAT.
  • Thanks for patience and attention! Hope to see you Next time!
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