Pound Workout

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Pound workout is being implemented by various gyms around the world. It has various advantages which have been discussed in this PPT.

Transcript of Pound Workout


  • What is Pound Workout ? POUND workout is a type of cardio session which combines

    light resistance with simulated drumming on loud music. Burn 400 and 900+ calories in just 45 minutes. This is the best kind

    of workout for music and dance lovers.

  • Pound is all about BASS

    B - Beat

    A - Activated

    S - Strategic

    S - Stabilization

  • Beat

    POUND puts you in charge of the beat. You're forced to be perfect on timing, precision etc.

  • Activated Each beat activates a series of muscles, helps in burning more

    calories as multiple muscle groups work together. It depends upon constant arm movement in synchronizing with the beats, which

    activates the entire body.

  • Strategic

    POUND strategically distracts from the high intensity and duration of your workout and mainly focuses on rhythm and volume. You

    wont have to count beats or keep track of the clock.

  • Stabilization POUND forced to stay balanced while your arms move

    rapidly knocking your body off balance even more. It also adds fat-burning cardio. The combination of stability and

    cardio reduces the waistline, slims the thighs, and strengthens connective tissue and infrastructural muscles.

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