Pound Around the World

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This is the Pound Around the World (PAW) project from RHOK London (http://www.rhok.org). PAW is a game that teaches kids the value of money.

Transcript of Pound Around the World

  • 1. A pound around the worldTeaching kids the value of money4th December 2011

2. AnkoorGrahamDrorPatel Smith DayanGoncalo Irene EzeRibeiro Gavalda Vidra 3. Kids are under increasing pressure tospend money 4. TV and friends influence them to havethe right clothes, toys, brands 5. And parents face a problem:How to teach their kids the value of money? 6. Problem SolutionGameGameAfter some brainstorming, we decided 0n agame to convey the message to kids 7. And we started working on thegame mechanics 8. We used wireframes to structureour concept. 9. Our creative process was all designedaround our customers Kids. 10. Our research showed that similar games likeMoney Metropolis have a cartoony, saturatedlook and feel. 11. To differentiate our game and focus on themessage (how much is a pound worth), wewent for a clean and minimal look and feel.inspired in the colored books. 12. We created a mascot, levels around the world andvirtual good rewards in the form of stamps. 13. Our goal is to surprise the users with just howfar 1 can go around the world 14. Are youready to seeaDEMO? 15. Thank you!We welcome your help:[email protected]