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Main ColoursThe main colours used are black, white, red, yellow and blue. I really like the way that half of the image of the boy is covered in a blue filter, as it looks like he is partly submerged in water a play on words considering the title is Submarine

SymbolsThis poster does not have a rating symbol, so could potentially stilll be to be certified. It does however feature small logos of the production and distributions companies involved in the film.

Persuasive techniquesBecause It is quite a minimal design with no tagline, the poster doesn't give much away about the film. In this way, it persuades its audiences with the element of mystery

Background & ForegroundThe background is a blank white in the top half of the main image, and has a slightly blurred/wavy effect in the bottom half, to make the blue section appear to look even more like water

Message of the posterThe lack of tagline means the only insight we have into the personality and life of the character is the main image. The submerged effect created by the blue on the bottom half, paired with the almost awed expression of his face could be telling the audience he feels overwhelmed or is drowning in his own life

Intended audienceThe poster gives very little away about the type of film it is, so I would assume this is to appeal to all audiences

Genre ConventionsAs with most independent films, I'm sure there was a budget that included an allotted amount for production of the poster, Although quite simple and cheap to make with the right computer software and camera, this poster does its job and is cost effective

No critics are quotedWhich to me adds to the element of mystery about the poster, as well as allowing the audience to form their own subjective opinions

Main star is not USP because he is not very well known, but Ben Stiller, who is presenting the film is. So including his name at the top of the poster could persuade fans of his previous work to go and see this film

Main ColoursThe whole image is in sombre colours, other than the girl in the red hoodie, making her the focal point. The red hoodie would remind the audience of Little Red Riding Hood the story of a young girl who puts herself in danger by wondering through a forest alone talking to a stranger so the audience could expect a similar (but probably more lethal) element of danger. Red also has connotations with blood and danger.

SymbolsThe R film rating is used in the US to symbolise that the film is not suitable for those under 17 without an adult present. This would let the person who sees the poster know what kind of content the film has, and if it is suitable for them based on their age

Persuasive techniquesThe first thing to catch the audiences eye would be the main image, showing a little girl standing in the middle of a bear trap. The fact that she is obviously in impending danger, yet doesnt seem to be fazed or have noticed, as well as a the fact we cannot see her face

Background & ForegroundThe background is a blank grey, allowing the main image in the foreground to become the focal pointMessage of the posterThe entire image foreshadows danger that is unforeseen by the characters

Intended audienceSince the main image seems to symbolise some sort of gory danger is involved the target audience would be adults or teenagers who enjoy horror films

Genre ConventionsThis goes against the conventions of many short films, as rather than being quite miimalistic and simple to coincide with budget, this poster is able to make the only 2 things in the image the girl and the bear trap look very professional, as if it was made for a more mainstream film with a high budget. In terms of Thriller conventions, the simplicity of it combined with the impending sense of danger create quite a nice eery/creepy effect

The critic's quote makes it obvious that the film is a horror, they describe it as 'terrifying'. It also links quite nicely into the main image, as the words 'it lands its hooks into you, there's no tearing away' could also be used to describe the bear trap

Main star is not USP, because there are no names on display and we can not see the girl's face

Main ColoursOther than the beige background, everything else on the poster is in shades of red. This does play on the idea that Paris is the city of love shown in the title although red can also be associated with blood or pain , so could show that the film also depicts the pain that love can cause


Persuasive techniques

Background & Foreground

Message of the poster

Intended audience

Genre Conventions

No critics are quoted

Main star is not USP