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The Main Leaders Of Hackers GangMz Bratt plays the boss of the Hackers gang known as Missy

Scorcher known as Richie

Franz Drameh known as Helpz

Jan Uddin known as Arms

Michael Vu known as Tricks

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The Main Leaders Of Clapped GangAdam Deacon the boss of the gang known as Clapz

Calvin Denba known as Toxic

Jacqueline Jossa known as Cakes

Jazzie Zonzolo as Jokes

Tachia Newall as Sweets

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The Plot

This film starts out based on the rivalry between different areas within one area, also known as the postcode wars. Whilst this is happening , there's an explosion in the distance and a bright yellow shine in the sky with an unreal mist covering the area, the two rival gangs freeze and stop just to see an unusual creature fly in the sky past them curious and scared the both gangs run. As they run they see police men getting killed aggressively from these unknown creatures, from this on they knew that this was not a joke. With the two gangs confused they needed a place to hide and have a plan to get rid of these creatures. As they both find it hard to get along with each other they don’t get the wake up call until one of there gang members from each gang get killed by the unknown creature. From this they work together to kill the creature and become a team. As one of the gangs block gets destroyed by the unknown creatures they have no choice but to go to the Clapped gangs block. Although the film is violent and gruesome it has a lot of comedy.

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Marketing We have created these t-shirts to advertise the film and also for people who love

film can have the chance to wear it. Also the audience might possibly like the design as there is more than one design.

This is a unisex t-shirt that is available in different colors and sizes beginning from small to x-large.

This is also a unisex t-shirt with the two gang names on the side of the t-shirt. From this the audience are able to recognize what film it is from.

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We would love to have Kano, Scorcher, Mz Bratt, Jessie J, Emelie Sande’s songs featuring in the film.For when there are fight scenes rap songs would be played to add even more excitement. When there are sad scenes or love scenes slow Rnb song would be played.

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Distributors Our distributors are the English distribution company of

StudioCanal called Optimum Releasing. Previously they have provided distribution for Attack The Block which where we have got our influence from. They can also give the advice and guidance to improve on our film and ensure that it’s a top class British film.

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Expenses To hire this particular director he costs £8000 for one whole film.

To hire a mini van for a week it will cost to £600,including a driver. To hire a camera man

with a sound operator it will cost from around £300 a day, for a week it would cost up to £1500.

To hire filming equipment it will cost £460, that’s including the tripod and etc.

To hire professional sound recording equipment it will cost £75 a week.

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By Haruka And Danish