Posessive Adjectives in French

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Possessive adjectives in French (mon, ma, mes, ton, ta, tes, son, sa, ses) geared for a Middle School class.

Transcript of Posessive Adjectives in French

  • 1. Les possessives

2. Ma chatte, Farah, aime mes livres sur mon lit violet. (My cat, Farah, loves my books on my purple bed.) 3. Into your notes:MY YOUR HIS/HER (INFORMAL)MASCULINENOUNS MON TON SONFEMININENOUNSMA TA SAPLURALMES TES SESNOUNS 4. mon pre(my father) 5. son lapin (his rabbit) 6. sa poule(her chicken) 7. ses chiens(his dogs) 8. *ton cole (your school) 9. Pratiquez! Mon/ma/mes = my Ton/ta/tes = your Son/sa/ses = his orhers. I. Complete the following, by selecting the appropriate forms of the possessives. ________ (his) livre. ________ (my) trousse. ________ (your) amie. ________ (her) prof. ________ (your) classe. ________ (my) soeur. ________ (your) pre. ________ (your) amis. ________ (his) cahier. ________ (her) cahiers. ________ (your) stylo. ________ (your) crayons. ________ (my) ordinateur. ________ (your) gomme. ________ (her) frre.