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  • CV short formPERSONAL INFORMATIONName: StefanoSurname: OrtolaniProfession: ArchitectGender: maleDate of Birth: 13th April 1984Nationality: ItalianAddress: via San Michele 58, 62012 Civitanova Marche (MC), ItalyE-mail: steort@gmail.comMobile: +39 338 1573433Skype name: stefano

    PARTICULAR INTERESTS- architecture- technology of architecture- sustainable architecture - architecture for the emergencies- micro architecture- urban and architecture recycle- story of architecture- graphics- product design

    SKILLS- architectural design- architectural detailed design- 2D, 3D modelling and rendering- able to work in team- excellent skills in scale models- graphic design

    SOFTWARE SKILLSknown operating systems:- Mac OS - Microsoft Windows excellent command of:- Autocad - Archicad- Sketchup- Maxwllrender, Maxwell Studio - Artlantis Studio- Adobe Photoshop - Adobe inDesign - Microsoft Office- Archisungood command of:- Rhinoceros- Ecotect.

    1. EDUPARCO educational park

    2. M.A.C.MA. museum of contemporary art

    3. C.O.S.0 emergency workstation

    4. T.O.S.T.H. temporary building

    portfolio STEFANO ORTOLANIarchitect

    5 . INTERIOR DESIGNprojects for interiors, forniture design

  • 1. PROJECT

    EDUPARCO educational park

    Along the banks of the river Foglia, just outside the city of Pesaro, there is a wide green area, now abandoned after being used as a quarry.The project EDUPARCO wants to provide didactic and educational support for the region in which is found by dividing the whole area into three macro-areas according to the influence that man has on nature. The central band is called Macro Observed Area, where specific routes offering visitors the chance to observe nature at the edge of the river and interact freely with it. South of the Foglia river develops Macro Managed Area where park users can manage and organize the spaces through agriculture and livestock. Everything about sports, camping, leisure or the use of animals for animal therapy space located in the northern area, directly connected to the city and is called Macro Exploit Area.

    2008 September Pesaro, ItalyProject master degreeProf. Cristiano Toraldo Di Francia (Superstudio, 1966, Florece, Italy)School Architecture and Design Eduardo Vittoria, Ascoli Piceno, ItalyUniversity of Camerino, Italy

    Educational route



  • Educational route - section

    Sport - swimming pool - section

    Botanical garden

    Concept of logo

  • 2. PROJECT

    M.A.C.MA. Museo Arte Contemporanea Marche

    The M.A.C.MA. (museum of contemporary art of Marche region) is a museum developed on the archaeological remains of the old fishing village of Ancona, which today remains a several ruins including the house of the captain of the port which becomes an essential and connective element of the project.The building is split in two by the road that connects the city centre to arc of Trajan crossing the ruins of the ancient village. The sudden change direction of the path leads into the lobby of the museum from which the visitors can reach the permanent exhibition where there are some works by De Dominicis and Pomodro on the ground floor and first floor, or they can get to the auditorium and depository await the basement or temporary exhibitions on the second floor. The restaurant is an isolated object, is a filter between the museum and the sea, which gives rise to a large blanket square used for events or exhibitions. This exterior element is covered around with steel blades that limit the direct sunlight during meal times in the hot seasons.

    2009 Luglio Ancona, ItaliaProject master degreePorf. Pippo Ciorra (MAXXI, Rome, Italy )School Architecture and Design Eduardo Vittoria, Ascoli Piceno, ItalyUniversity of Camerino, Italy

    External view Internal view

    Internal view

    Cross section

    External view


  • Cncept evolution

    Longitudinal section

    West elevetion


    C.O.S.0 connective open slice zero

    Calamity and natural disasters are becoming a common feature in our time. Promptly the first moment after the catastrophic event we need to know what is happened and how to get a safe place. In case of emergency, communication is the first necessity. C.O.S.0 is Connective Open Slice zero. It is the emergency workstation. It is a self-bearing plywood waffle structure, parametrically elaborated, adaptable and convertible. It is the connection between the rescuers and victims, between the administration and de citizen, between people and their relatives. Through a WiFi open system C.O.S.0 leads the emergency. It is prototypale, transportable, and easy to building up, is a safety place, comfortable and ergonomic. It is a multimedia workstation, a little meeting room, a privacy space, it shields us from bad weather. A photovoltaic pellicle in swivel slabs make it energetically independent. A self-regulated nano-polymer system make it thermally stable. The dynamic symmetry allows several aggregation scheme

    2012 Gennaio ItalyContest: architectural contestwww.contanima.comIt was one of 10 finalists

  • 4. PROJECT

    T.O.S.T.H. Temporary Open System for Transitional Habitat

    T.O.S.T.H. is a building system that responds to the emergency temporary housing due to the redevelopment of public housing. It is a building in which to allocate housing residents affected by works of costruction site, to live shorter or longer time in a transitional housing situation.Preserve the existing relationships, ie minimize the distance between the people involved in the re-construction andtheir houses of origin, is the main target of the project which results in a structurally simple architecture that adapts to the environment in which it is included, highly flexible to accommodate different families at different times and energy-efficient to ensure a high quality of living with the possibility to choose different wall insulation designed for every climatic condition.

    T.O.S.T.H. is a construction system divided into two parts. The first part is equivalent to the duration of costruction yard while the second are constantly changing in correspondence to the phases of the costruction site.

    2012 July Bologna, ItalyThesis master degreePorf. Massimo Perriccioli, School Architecture and Design Eduardo Vittoria, Ascoli Piceno, ItalyUniversity of Camerino, Italy

    Aggregative strategies of the building structure

    The building is isolated from the construction site through a protective shield to protect the inhabitants from noise and dust

    timeline of the relation between the construction site and T.H.O.S.T.H

    External view - one of the possible combinations of the system

  • Exploded assonometric - interior - composition of functional modules

    Type floor 1 Type floor 2

    Type floor 3

    Devices for the management of functional modules

    Functional modules


    INTERIOR DESIGN projects for interiors - forniture design

    interior design - union of two apartments interior design

    forniture design

    - before - before

    - after

    - after