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Portfolio including few of my most important designs. All of presented projects are my individual work, in the form of construction drawings and structural analysis.

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  • Date and place of birth: 19.01.1988r., Warsaw

    Address: Glumsvej 9, 2 t.v. 2700 Brnshj

    Phone number: 52 80 04 80

    e-mail: g.drapinski@gmail.com

    Knowledge of foreign languages:

    English - Fluent

    Spanish - Elementary

    Polish - Native language

    Computer Skills:

    AutoCad 2D/ 3D

    Autodesk ROBOT

    Autodesk REVIT



    Additional skills:

    Driving license

    CNC router handling

    Eurocode Standards

    2012- 2014

    Warsaw University of Technology,

    Faculty of Civil Engineering, MSc studies

    Specialization: Civil Engineering Structures


    Warsaw University of Technology,

    Faculty of Civil Engineering, BSc studiesFaculty of Civil Engineering, BSc studies

    Specialization: Civil Engineering Structures,

    Finished with very good (highest) mark





  • I am avid wikipedia reader, bass guitar player and, thanks to my fiancee, also a nature

    lover. I can talk about music, politics and basketball much longer than anyone would like

    to listen. I am a member of Creative Roots (Copenhagen collective urbanism organiza-

    tion. In my spare time I also like to sew plush animals - truly mind-blowing experience.



    2011-2014 PHP Tomar ventilated facades

    Designer/Structural Engineer

    Independent creation of executive designs, mainly of ventilated facades. Designs Independent creation of executive designs, mainly of ventilated facades. Designs

    included drawings, calculation of aluminum and steel constructions (with Eurocode

    standards) and creating materials schedule. Additional responsibilities: cost estima-

    tion, supervision of construction works, programming of CNC router (manufacturing

    of Alucobond panels), consulting for architects.

    2009 Bouygues Immobilier Poland


    On-site supervision of construction works, Villa LAzur, Warsaw

    Organizing of office archive, My first and important experience as an engineer.

    This internship taught me how to work in an environment of big company.



    In my thesis I focused on

    designing of reinforced concrete

    construction of a conceptual building,

    that I designed together with my friend

    from the faculty of architecture.

    The main emphasis

    was placed on the integratedwas placed on the integrated

    usage of an Autodesk Revit

    and Robot Structural Analysis

    applications throughout

    this process, with the end result of

    construction drawings in form of paper

    documentation and BIM system file.

  • The reinforcement drawings

    were created with Revit

    software and included every

    main type of concrete

    construction elements.

    Whole design was created

    according to EN-1990according to EN-1990


    and EN-1992


  • My thesis included independent models

    of whole building and every element,

    and different methods of meshing

    (in finite element method), which

    all helped me in comparing

    the results of internal forces.

    I received the highest markI received the highest mark

    for my work and finished

    the studys with overall

    very good rating.

  • During my studies I put emphasis on courses related to numerical modeling, FEA

    and structural designing (concrete, steel, timber, dynamic loads, thin-shell structures)



    Office building located

    near the city center of Warsaw.

    I created detailed

    design of ventilated facade, wich

    consisted of ceramic tiles

    and Alucobond panels

    fastened to aluminum construction.fastened to aluminum construction.

    Designed facade area: 900 [m2]


    This simple building required complex desing

    of every type of cladding. The suspended ceiling of

    irregular shape, located above entrance to

    the underground garage, was created from Alucobond

    panels, which required perfect dimensioning.

  • SONICAA1/A4 motorways junction

  • Gliwice, Park Handlowy Europa CentralnaGliwice, Europa Centralna Shopping CentreOne of the largest Polish retail developments of 2013, in the junction of the A1/A4 motorways outside Gliwice, with 67,000m2 of retail space. I designed ceramic cladding of 3 buildings by worknig in Projectwise collaborationby worknig in Projectwise collaborationsoftware. Designed facade area: 1000 [m2]

  • WROCAWIrysowa 1-3

    Haston City conference center,located on the outskirts of Wrocaw.As a part of a exclusive hotel it required the highest level of design quality. I designed the stonware cladding of walls and pillars, and exterior suspended ceiling made of Alucobond panels.ceiling made of Alucobond panels.Designed facade area: 1600 [m2]

  • To obtain the final shapeof the building I had todesign many steel and

    aluminum constructions.

    With these we could create aseemingly massive buildind with a

    small amount ofsmall amount ofconcerete construction

  • KRAKWKlimeckiego 1

  • A large office building located on outskirts of Cracow.

    The building is divided into three parts, from wich

    I desgined facades on first two -

    Amsterdam and Roterdam.

    It is still under construction,

    with CFE as a general contractor. The cladding

    material of building includes orange ceramic tiles,material of building includes orange ceramic tiles,

    Alucobond panels and PD300 steel panels.

    Designed facade area: 2800 [m2]


  • Office building at the food packaging factory.

    I designed facade made of two layers of Alucobond panels.

    The arc-shape of panels and location of building

    in the windy mountain region required

    designing of reinforcement inside of panels

    and strong aluminum cosntruction.

    Designed facade area: 400 [m2]Designed facade area: 400 [m2]

  • BUDZYI designed ventilated facades on main office building. It was one of my biggest individual projects, as the designed area was 1800 [m2],

    including various claddings (ceramic tiles, Alucobond panels, wood slats, sun louvres and exterior ceilings), steel and aluminum constructions. STRABAG was a general contractor.



    Modernization of a small office building.

    I carried out survey of existing building

    and created a design based on

    owner conception.

    Designed facade area: 500 [m2]