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Transcript of Portfolio - Diana Japaridze, Georgia Resume Diana Japaridze 9 Suvorovi Street Gori 1400 Georgia...









  • Diana

    Table of contents: 

     Japaridze, Georgia 

    Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program, 2008 

    Resume  Personal Information  Georgia  Strategies  Lesson Plans  Reflection  Pictures 









  • Diana Japaridze, Georgia 

    Resume Diana Japaridze

    9 Suvorovi Street

    Gori 1400


    (+995 99) 24 14 92



    US Peace Corps –Tbilisi, Georgia 

    Language and Cross/Culture Assistant (06/2008‐08/2008) 

    • Assist in the administration and overall management of the language and cross culture  component of PST. 

    • Observe and monitor Georgian language classes.  • Provide appropriate feedback to Language and Cross‐Culture Facilitators and Trainees.  • Document Language and Cross Culture Coordinator's and Language and Cross‐Culture 

    Facilitators' reports.   

    US Peace Corps –Tbilisi, Georgia 

    Language and Cross/Cultural Facilitator (06/2007‐08/2007) 

    • Teach Georgian language classes to a small group of trainees using a variety of  communicative approaches and interactive learning methods. 

    • Provide regular and consistent feedback to trainees concerning language acquisition and  performance and cross cultural adjustment. 

    • Prepare language training sessions, materials, and resources.   

    English Teachers’ Association of Georgia (ETAG) 

    Gori Branch Manager (09/2005 –present) 

    • Administrate branch events, including teacher‐training courses.  • Report on activities.  • Collect information for monthly newsletter.  • Manage branch finances. 


    Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program, 2008 


  • Diana Japaridze, Georgia 

    Public School #9 – Gori, Georgia 

    Teacher of English (09/2001‐present) 

    • Teach English to grades 7‐11   

    National Assessment and Examination Center  

    Monitor of National Exams at Gori Examination Center (summer 2005‐2006) 




    Tbilisi State University of Language and Culture –Tbilisi, Georgia 

    Master’s Degree (10/2003‐05/2005) 

    Major in Theory and Practice of Teaching English Language and Intercultural Communication  


    Bachelor’s Degree (09/1997‐06/2001) 

    Major in International Relations 




    Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point 




    Georgian (fluent), English (fluent), Russian (good), French (basic)  

    Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program, 2008 


  • Personal Information 

    Diana Japaridze, Georgia 

    I am Diana Japaridze from a small town of Gori in Georgia. I am a teacher at Gori Public school 9. At the same time I am a manager of English teachers’ Association of Georgia (ETAG) Gori branch. I received Bachelor‘s degree in International Relations in 2001 and Masters degree in Teaching English and Intercultural Communication in 2005.

    I worked for Peace Corps Georgia for two summers as a facilitator and language assistant. I have been teaching since 2001 and I am keen on that. I am very proud of my students and I help them to achieve their goals, be successful and be leaders. Outside classes we often organize different events in English and try to do more in language. Sometimes we watch movies, stage performances and have fun. My students like the process of learning English and as a teacher I am very happy to see them involved and motivated so much.

    I live with my parent in a big house and I enjoy staying with them. They are very warm and supportive and help me a lot. I have a brother David, who is very close friend of mine and is very understanding. I have many cousins from my mother’s side and we are very close to each other. We often get together, have parties and this period is really fun.

    I am very glad to be the part of TEA program and have a chance to study in the USA and particularly at George Mason University. This program gives me a chance to share my experience and knowledge with teachers from different countries, learn new approaches in teaching L2. When I go back to Georgia I will share acquired knowledge in the US with teachers from my town who had no chance to be the part of this wonderful program. In this way I will be helping not only them but indirectly their students as well.

    Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program, 2008 

  • Georgia 

    Diana Japaridze, Georgia 


    General Information

    • Capital  Tbilisi  • Official language Georgian

    • Population 4,630,841 • Currency Lari (GEL) • Motto:  "Strength is in  Unity"


    Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program, 2008 

  • Diana Japaridze, Georgia 

    Georgia is currently member of

    • United Nations • Council of Europe • World Trade  Organization

    • Black Sea Economic  Cooperation

    • GUAM Organization  • Seeks to join NATO 



    • Kingdom of Kolkhis 12  century B.C.

    • Kingdom of Iberia 3 century  B.C.      

    • Unified Georgian Kingdom  10 century A.D. 

    • Partitions ( small kingdoms) • Democratic Republic of 

    Georgia 1918‐1921 • Georgian Soviet Socialist 

    Republic 1921‐1991 • Georgia


    Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program, 2008 

  • Diana Japaridze, Georgia 


    • Georgia borders

    – Russia to the north  – Azerbaijan to the east – The Black Sea to the west – Armenia and Turkey to the south




    • Georgia is divided into – nine regions – 69 districts. 

    • The main cities are: – Tbilisi  – Kutaisi – Batumi




    Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program, 2008 

  • Strategies 

    Diana Japaridze, Georgia 

    Strategy I 

    1. Name of method or strategy: 

    We were invited to Field Trip in Philadelphia.    

    2. When is this method or strategy useful? 

    This method is used when the teacher covers materials in class about different topics from 

    history or other. She can take students on field trip to see those places giving different tasks.  

    3. Why or how is this method or strategy useful? 

    When students learn different topics, seeing those things or places at the same time makes 

    their understanding better. They can feel and see when they learn. Students find field trips 

    fun and while the teacher also has tasks prepared for them.   

    4. What are the steps involved in using this strategy or method? 

    When the teacher decides to take students on a field trip, s/he needs permission from the 

    principal. H/se prepares tasks for students, what s/he wants her students to observe or gather 

    information about during the trip.  

    5. When would this method or strategy be useful in your setting? 

    This method will be very useful from my students as well. I have tried it once and it worked 

    well. I will try to do it more often. 

    6. What would you like other teachers in your school to know about this method or strategy? 

    I will share this strategy with teachers of different subjects and I am sure they will also find it 

    very useful.  





    Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program, 2008 

  • Diana Japaridze, Georgia 

    Strategy II 

    1. Name of method or strategy? 

    Using power point presentation during class   

    2. When is this method or strategy useful? 

    By the beginning or at the end of the class, after or before the teacher covers some materials 

    and want students to see them visually. 

    3. Why or how is this method or strategy useful? 

    This strategy is very useful because it interests students more.   

    4. What are the steps involved in using this strategy or method? 

    Teacher needs to prepare PowerPoint presentation with nice and interesting visual materials 

    and information in it. S/he also needs to prepare exercises for students to do it after see the 


    5. When would this method or strategy be useful in your setting? 

    I can also prepare PowerPoint presentations when I will be covering different topics. 

    6. What would you like other teachers in your