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Atom Samit's documentary filmmaker portfolio.

Transcript of Portfolio (Atom Samit)

  • ATOM SAMITatomsamit.tumblr.com


    +34 687522723+82 10-3593-2784

  • The essential of my work is focused on finding the essential moments in everyday life. I go outside with my video camera to find the unexpected and, at the same time, manipulate the reality. First, I make in-camera editing, where the first shot leads to another default but unexpected. After, in editing room can all have a new meaning. Therefore, the purpose of the process is to make the everyday life an art object that speaks for itself.

    The historic memory, how the people tell the History and focus their perception of the world looking through the past the present. The memory like a ghost that inhabit our lives but we cant or dont want to see. My last experimental documentaries had the central point of the narration in this, and how take form visually this idea. Im worried about how the concepts needs to take the ideal audiovisual form for express their meaning. Every movie is different and needs it own style.

    Work with the landscape, the objects in it, their history, and the forms it can appear are my principal audiovisual style. I treat the landscape like the principal character of my films. The urban and na-tural landscape, and their combination, can be expressed by itself. At that point, my work demand the attention and the patience of the public, because is about time. And time needs time to develop. Search the essential moments in everyday life, or, talk about the historic memory is question of time, and the landscape is the sign of the time.

    Play with the landscape forms and the essential moments in the reality develops other kind of works focused in the abstraction of the image through shapes, colors, rhythms, and sounds turning it into a sensory experience so that the image is purely plastic.

    My approach to the contemporary art, and the meeting with artists, has led me to create a line of work about the art spaces and representations. My first documentary, (De)constructing the space (2011) deepens in how change a installation space. My documentary glogau AIR (2014), goes be-yond and combines the GlogauAIR residence as a life space with the artists development. Since then all these workpaths are mixed in my lasts films.

  • Documentary commissioned by Xarxa Teatre

    Link: https://vimeo.com/137965558Password: xarxacorea

    HDV, Color, 85 2015 Alegrias del incendio (Fires joy)

  • Spanish theater group, Xarxa Teatre is in the Suwon Theater Festival (South Korea) to perform they play Ara Pacis. The documentary follows all the pro-cess of creation since they start the meeting with the festival staff until they do the performance. At the same time, the director of the company introdu-ce to us the history of the group and the develop-ment of this play along the years.

  • Documentary commissioned by Jiminy

    Link: https://vimeo.com/136113868

    HDV, Color , 41 2015 Emerald Drop. An installation by Jiminy

  • At the beginning of 2015, the Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH) commissioned the Korean artist Jiminy to install a big mobile artwork in the parking lot of their new LH Tower in the new Gyeongnam Innovation City at east Jinju.

  • Snippets. Cristina Huarte

    Documentary commissioned by Cristina Huarte

    Link: https://vimeo.com/124205135

    HDV, Color, 42015

  • The Spanish artist Cristina Huarte started to work in her last project at the GlogaurAIR in Berlin. This video record the creative process of Cristinas work and her group exhibition in the GlogauAIR Open Studios at the end of march.

  • glogau AIR

    Experimental documentary commissioned by the City of Castellon

    Link: https://vimeo.com/95459087

    HDV, Color, 262014

  • GlogauAIR is a residence for artists, located in the district of Kreuzberg, Berlin. During the months I spent there I tried to collect all the experiences that artists offered to me. The result was hours of recor-ding that are described in the documentary. We can breath the air from GlogauAIR.

  • The Wind Cut A Neck

    Documentary commissioned by the City of Castellon

    Link: https://vimeo.com/95498268

    HDV, Color, 262014

  • The Wind Cut A Neck is the name of the showca-ses installation for GlogauAIR made it by the South Korean artist Jiminy.The Documentary follows the creative process of this piece with all the doubts, decisions, failures, si-lences, thoughts... A work process in 48 hours.

  • Sad SongScream of Stone About Europes Decline

    Experimental documentaryOwn production

    Link: https://vimeo.com/82094616

    HDV, B/W, 66 2013

  • The history of Europe represented by the statues that inhabit the European capital of Berlin. Today the visitors and citizens of the city take pictures and pass in front of these monuments that tell the birth of the European continent. The process of how this great empire that dominated the world to-day is sunken in the contemporary decadence.

  • Monuments on the moon

    Experimental documentary produced by Escuela de Cine de Barcelona (ECIB)

    Link: https://vimeo.com/89284729

    HDV, Color & B/W, 25 2013

  • Vallcarca (Sitges) was built in 1903 to house wor-kers of concrete factory MC Butsems and Fradera. In the 50s and 60s the company grew, and with it the colony, which grew into a town of five thousand inhabitants. The political and economic changes of the 70s led to the need for expansion of the con-crete factory and the destruction of that village. To-day, the only remaining street in Vallcarca is popu-lated by the ghosts of the past and his experiences are only in the memory of those who inhabited the place.

  • Turnedo

    Experimental documentaryOwn production

    Link: https://vimeo.com/51805423

    HDV, Color, 15 2013

  • Spring is coming. The sky threatens storm. In the beaches from Barcelona the people continues with the routine. The boats leave the port, the airplanes flies over the buildings, the fishermen wait, the tourists doesnt are afraid and continue looking the city landscape.


    Experimental documentaryOwn production

    Link: https://vimeo.com/62851114

    HDV, Color & B/W, 8 2013

  • Montjuic (Barcelona) serves as a stage to speak of repetition, of emptiness, of the daily routine. The site, designed as a drop of elements that are cons-tantly repeated with slight variations, is home to thousands of daily visitors. Only some go far away and find those citizens that in weekends go up to the mountaintop to play music or do sport...

  • Experimental documentary produced by Jaume I University (UJI)

    Link: https://vimeo.com/71824328

    HDV, Color & B/W, 7 2011 (De)constructing the Space

  • The Space doesnt exist... it is constructed with each new installation. The Space is empty... comes alive with each new work. The Space is unique... and different with each new creation. The docu-mentary follows the installation process at the Art Contemporany Space in Castellon (Spain).

  • Atom Samit [Adrian Tomas Samit] (b. 1989)

    atomsamit.tumblr.comatomsamit@gmail.comTel. +34 687 522 723 // +82 10-3593-2784

    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/adrian-tomas-samit/7a/80b/bb4

    EDUCATION2013 Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), Masters degree Contemporany Film and Audiovisual Studies (1 year study), Barcelona, Spain.2012-2013, Barcelona Film School (ECIB), International Masters degree in Film Documen-tary (1 year study), Barcelona, Spain.2007-2011 Jaume I University, Masters Degree in Audiovisual Communication (5 years studies), Castellon, Spain.

    EXPERIENCE2014 Assistant Director in Koma (Cyril Haas, 2014)2012 Production assistant in Fallas 37. El arte en guerra (Oscar Martin, 2013)2012 yet Writer in film and art section, nomepierdoniuna.net2012 2015 Writer and film critic, monemonkey.com2012 2013 Writer and evaluator, Archivos de la Filmoteca. 2012 2014 Writer collaborator, Shangrila Textos en red.2012 yet Creator and content manager, Stroszek. Blog de cine.2007 yet Independent Filmmaker.

    AWARD & RESIDENCY Selection in Contest2014 YICCA (Young International Contest of Contemporary Art (On-line)2014 II Certamen Cultural Villa de Oliete (Spain)2014 MECAL Barcelona (Spain)2013 FIB-ABC (Festival Iberoamericano de Cortometrajes ABC) (Spain)2012 Shortlatino Section ALCINE (Festival Internacional de Cortometraje de Alcala de He-nares) (Spain)

    Scholarships2013 Habitat Artistic Scholarship, by the City of Castellon (Spain)

    Awards2013 Best Unpublished Essay, Quaderni del CSCI Magazine, Barcelona (Spain).

  • FILMS2015 Alegrias del incendio [Fires Joy] (in post-production)2015 Emerald Drop. An installation by Jiminy2015 Snippets. Cristina Huarte2014 glogau AIR2014 The wind cut a neck (Installation by Jiminy)2013 Sad Song. Scream of Stone About Europes Decline2013 Monumentos en la luna [Monuments on the moon]2011 (De)construint lEspai [(De)constructing the Space

    EXHIBITIONSolo Exhibition2014 Disappear Here, Centro Municipal de Cultura (Castellon, Spain)2013 Monuments on the moon, Cines Prado (Sitges, Spain)

    PUBLICATIONSolo Publication2014 More wood. The Average Shot Length as a new tool of film analysis, Knowledge to share. Analysis of micro-stories 3: Minimum Narratives in audiovisual speech. (Chapter book) 2013 Me and the World. Making contact with a nonfiction contemporary film, First Internatio-nal Conference about Actual Narrative. The Hispanic Auto-fiction in the XXI Century. (Confe-rence)2013 Delving into the mists of Kithira. Drifts about the disenchantment of Greek cinema in the XXI century, Shangrila Textos Aparte Magazine. (Essay)2012 Its alway