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  • Made By - NITIN

  • Automotive Rhythms and Porsche Cars North America hosted the Porsche Panamera Experience at The Palms Hotel & Spa in Miami, Florida February 5 7, 2010.

    The above invite was sent electronically to the Automotive Rhythms mailing list (approximately 50,000 people).

  • Super Bowl & The Porsche Panamera ExperienceAutomotive Rhythms teamed up with Porsche in Miami Beach for Super Bowl XLIV and the Porsche Panamera Experience. Influencers, celebrities and trendsetters were offered an opportunity to get up close and personal with the vehicle. http://www.budurl.com/SBPorsche1

    Super Bowl XLIV Lifestyle: Porsche PanameraDay 2, welcome to Miami. Fancy cars, glamour, luxury and an endless sea of "the beautiful people" are the elements that make Miami a symbol of success. So it's fitting that Automotive Rhythms kicked off the Super Bowl weekend with a new metaphor for the good life, the Porsche Panamera. http://www.budurl.com/SBPorsche2

    Celebrity Auto: Super Bowl XLIV with PorscheIn addition to test drives of the new Porsche Panamera, team Automotive Rhythms took over the Miami scene with the hottest celebrity shuttle service on the strip. http://www.budurl.com/SBPorsche3

    The Porsche Panamera Experience: Jamie Foxx, Nas, Mario Williams, DJ Clue....The Palms Hotel & Spa became the headquarters for Automotive Rhythms Porsche Panamera Experience with three days of test drives for tastemakers. http://www.budurl.com/SBPorsche4

    ARtvLive Media Distribution Portal

    www.ARtvLive.com & www.AutomotiveRhythms.com

    Russell Simmons GlobalGrind.com http://globalgrind.com/channel/culture/content/1384559/Super-Bowl-XLIV-The-Porsche-Panamera-Experience/Necole Bitchie Celebrity Bloggerhttp://necolebitchie.com/2010/02/06/celebs-hit-up-superbowl-parties additionally, we received mentions on blog sites and radio shows like necolebitchie.com, Jamie Foxxs Fox Hole, etc

    Bud Light Party with Usherhttp://miami.2night.com/photos/events/129939/bud-light-hotel-with-usher

    Terra TV Linkshttp://terratv.terra.com/Entertainment/Autos/4770-164553/Video-The-Porsche-Panamera-Experience-and-Super-Bowl-XLIV.htmhttp://terratv.terra.com/Entertainment/Autos/4770-164552/Video--The-Porsche-Panamera-con-famosos-del-Super-Bowl.htmPorsche Ads were placed in 50K AR Magazines & electronically on www.AutomotiveRhythms.com

  • Wednesday: LRG Gifting Suite at Fountain Blue, with Ludacris & TO. Vehicle Parked out Front-Official Welcome Reception Off The Field Players Wives Association - (in conjunction with Professional Football Players' Mothers Association, National Football Players' Fathers Association and sponsored by the NFL Players Association) -Moves Magazine Party: M16 Club, Hollywood CA: Car was parked out front. Guests included TO & Deon Sanders-Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament: Hard Rock Hotel (Ryan Stewart)Thursday: the Rick Ross event saw a lot of star power, as well as the AR caravan of Panameras (2) that picked up Rick Ross at his private Residence in Davey, FL and brought him to the event. DJ Clue, Ray Rice (Baltimore Ravens), Nick Storm (BlueFlame), Mike Black (Blac Label) were a few notables. -Eagles Day: Pro Bowlers DeShawn Jackson and Leonard Weaver escorted all day in Panameras for their media appearances. One on one interview in Jacksons Suite to discuss Porsche. -Nike Gifting Suite - Marriott South Beach.-Cleavelander for EA Sports Event. Josh Cribs, Cleveland Browns (in Pro Bowl).Friday: South Beach to distribute materials. Marc Barnes (Nightclub Mogul) saw first hand the Porsche Panamera. Belvedere & Hennessy Black Penthouse Suite on the Beach was visited next to distribute materials. Gabriel Union (Actress), Kenny Burns (Lifestyle Specialist), Mike Kysner (Atlantic Records), Robin Lyon (Nightclub Specialist), Mike Harris & Mike Black (Headgear VPs).-On Display at the BUD Hotel for Jamie Foxx and Usher Concert. Foxx addressed the audience that he was giving away Porsches. A Porsche Key that is! Foxx posed with the vehicle and requested one for the weekend. -Fonzworth Bentley & the Porsche participated in the SOS Haiti relief efforts on Friday evening and Pepsi Grant foundation charity on Saturday. -Ochocinco :Mansion Party with T-Mac: Car parked out front of Mansion-ESPN the Magazine NEXT Party at Fountain Blue Keri Hilson and Ne-Yo VIP Reporter: Nelly DJ: Q-TipSaturday:the I AM KING event at Sean John store saw AR materials inside every purchase, and to those who purchased over $100 received the Porsche Panamera kit. Drake (Superstar Rapper) received an AR Mag and invite to the Porsche Panamera experience as he entered his SUV in front of the Sean John store with the Panamera out front. NFL Legend Eric Dickerson (Colts) took a moment to engage with the Panamera 4S model. "Its a classy machine and perfect for us older guys".. Fabolous (Superstar Rapper) response when inquiring about the Panamera Turbo model price tag... "Thats it?".. A twitpic was taken of Fabolous in front of the Panamera vehicle. Ryan Grant (Green Bay Packers) experienced the Panamera and the AR materials first hand. He was very informed about the Porsche brand, as he owns one. He was extremely interested in purchasing a Panamera.-Black Eyed Peas Concert American Airlines Arena: Made contact through Jonathan Levine, Paradigm Agency manager of BEP, and 911 Turbo owner) Brief vehicle presence near Will Call window & arena valet parking-Marquis Jet Event :Eden Roc Hotel: Panamera S parked in front of hotel -The W. Saturday afternoon NFL Luncheon with Josh Cribs, James Brown and Darren Mcants-Sunday:South Beach run to push leftover materials (Magazines). Hennessy Black Penthouse Suite was home base for converting and editing of previous Panamera programs throughout the weekend. Car Enthusiast Wilmer Valderrama was the special guest host and received a few booklets to spread love.

  • February 2010 Newsletter featuring the Porsche Event at the Super Bowl. Newsletter sent to Automotive Rhythms main mailing list.

  • Porsche Panamera Experience RSVP Detail ListPorsche Panamera Experience RSVP List by DayOthers who Experienced the Panamera Verbally or Physically:

    Tracy McGradyOronde Garret / Agent to Super Star Actor Idris ElbaMichael VickJamie Foxx & Agent Marcus KingRyan StewartKelly RowlandDiddys Executive TeamKevin Bjelajac: Manager, Field Publicity & Promotions (promoting new movie "Grown Ups", featuring Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade, Kevin James, etc.) The Wayans family (entertainers): delivered my business card via hotel management Courtney O'Dell: Sale Manager, Lifestyle and Entertainment, Gansevoort SouthJesse Itzler: Co-Founder and current board member of Marquis Jets Percy Knox: President of Elevee Lifestyle (provide custom suits for all top NFL prospects and current players) Chris Berman: ESPN personality Percy Harvin: NFL Rookie of the Year, Minnesota Vikings Carlos Dunlop: NFL 1st Rd prospect: University of Florida Douglas Raetz: CEO, True Capital Management (asset management agency for NFL players Jonathan Blue: Chairman and Managing Director, Blue Equity (brother just became new owner of Porsche of North Houston)Bruce DavisTrey BrownConway Bennett


    Porsche Experience Test Drives


    Mr. Charles Moschos

    Mr.S. E. Day

    Mr. Kent Janzon

    Mr. Derek Watkins

    Mr. Delio Hunez

    Mr.Arvan Thompson

    Mr. Archeleen Ayo Davies


    Mr. Preston Quarty

    Mr.Andre Bennett

    Mr. Lambert Quafy

    Mr. Randall Rochon

    Mr. Mario Williams

    Mr Jason Cole

    Mr James Schwartz

    Troy Drayton

    Mr. Michael richards

    Mr. Niclas Jan

    Brand Recognition Cards with out test drive

    Mr. John Beckwith

    Mr. Peter Jensen

    Mr. Lou Bottino

    Event Transfers


    Rick Ross

    Rick Ross' staff


    Marcus King (Jamie Fox's Agent)

    Deshaun Hall (Redskins)

    Jason Cole

    David Anthony


    Bentley Fonzworth (Celebrity)

    Josh Cribs

    LGI Promoters

    Leonard Jackson (Eagles Player)

    Static Dispay Locations


    Sean Jean Store for the Rick Ross signing


    American Airlines Arena

    Bud Light Hotel

    Palms Hotel


    Bud Light Hotel

    Sean Jean Store

    Palms Hotel



  • Sexy, Sophisticated and Energetic! That's the best way to describe the AR Porsche Panamera Super Bowl Experience.Tonya Backs, McDonalds Corporate Advertising

    I drove the Porsche Panamera S with four adults on board, and I thought it was incredibly comfortable and responsive and fun to drive. Plenty of space for tall people in the backseat! Good acceleration and stable in the corners. It had all gadgets I would look for including a great sound system and navigation. A great looking car with the sound of thunder!Kent M. JanzonC.F.O. Palms Hotel & Resort

    I've always been fond of Porsche & I absolutely loved my experience in the Porsche Panamera. A four door that goes 0-60 in a mere 4 seconds...simply Stewtastic! Thank you kindly for allowing me the pleasure. GOD Bless.

    Ryan Stewart: 2 Live Stews Radio Host / ESPNBrian Cushing(Houston Texans Linebacker, Rookie Defensive Player of the Year):I gotta Cayenne right now; I got the Turbo S with me down in Houston. I love Porsche and plan on driving them for a long-time. Smooth ridethe transition of course, it has a little speed to it too! Fun little ride to have!DJ Clue (Infamous Hip-Hop DJ, Producer, Artist Manager):This Porsche Turbo is crazy right here! I need one of these right here! Set me up somebody! When I first seen it, it really caught my eye and thats normally something hard to do; so I definitely like it! Im gonna get one of these joints! And no o