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Transcript of POR TFOLIO - 2011-07-29آ  Rock & Roll chair. Concept: Two-in-one, lounge chair and rocking chair...

  • P O R T F O L I O

    C R E A T I V I T Y & S T R A T E G Y

  • " An idea is an amazing combination of previously unconnected elements"

    John Grant

  • Design + Engineering?

    Nowdays nobody questions the fact, that if companies want to keep growing in a

    sustainable way from day to day, they must innovate. Innovation, at all levels, is without

    doubt the key to move forward, to establish new challenges and targets, to better use the

    company’s competitive potential, continuing to do things well, they have to think through

    things better to overcome the competence. This innovation, as well as in products as in

    services, must come from the hand of design, as a tool where creativity and knowledge

    meet together. If design is to be effective, a certain degree of creativity, a good dose of prior

    knowledge and information must be added, thus, it is key that in industrial design, design

    and engineering go hand by hand, only this way can more innovative solutions be

    achieved,solutions that add value, improve functions, make the brand stronger and create

    a positive experience on customers.

    It is about combining the hability of a designer to observe and sinthesize, and the

    analitycal capacity of an engineer to unveil the root causes that are behind any problem.

  • A product design and engineering studio located in the

    centre of Valencia (Spain), founded in December 1998 by Joan

    Rocabert (Barcelona, 1968), with the objective of answering the

    growing need of the industrial and product markets, to manufacture

    goods and products with a sound design, that meets the

    requirements of a customer environment every day more and

    more demanding in all aspects such as quality, functional reliability,

    aesthetic appeal, sustainability, etc.

    In Mellow Design we believe that a correct brief and

    definition, from the very early statges of the design process, is

    the key for project success. For this reason we take a design

    approach from a multidisciplinary perspective, considering from

    the very beginning the natural and unavoidable relationship

    between Design and Engineering, in order to solve and overcome

    all the questions and restrictions, that any project imposes, cost,

    manufactur ing feasib i l i ty, ergonomics, funct ion,…

    Mellow Design develops and manages design up to

    prototype production and run of small series. We develop Projects

    in close collaboration with our clients and suppliers, this has taken

    us to consolidate an extremely valuable net of profesional alliances

    with expertise in different areas to ensure top quality results.

    Our studio is divided in a main working area, a meeting

    room and a small prototyping workshop, we also have available

    a 300 sqm area on an industrial park warehouse, for works and

    prototyping that require larger facilities.

    The studio at full power has a creative and production

    capacity of 6240 manhours per year, with the possibility to grow

    in order to overcome peak workloads.

    Currently, our activity is developed in automotive, nautical

    and industrial industry.

    Joan Rocabert

    (Barcelona, 1968)

    Management & Direction

    Mechanical Engineering, Barcelona (SPA)

    MSc in Fluid Dynamics, Cranfield (UK)

    MA in Advanced Design Studies, London (UK)

    Guillermo Bellod

    (Alicante, 1974)

    Industrial & Graphic Design

    Fine Arts, Valencia (SPA)

    Postgraduate in Sculpture &

    Bronze casting, London (UK)

    Sergio Sebastián

    (Valencia, 1983)

    Engineering & Product Design

    Tecnical Engineering in Industrial Design, Valencia (SPA)


    (Valencia, 2008) Public Relations

  • Philosophy and Services

    We understand design in a global manner, not as a group of isolated disciplines, that’s

    why we are interested on integral Works, where product design makes sense with marketing

    strategies and all their different components, such as packaging, brochures and manuals,

    commercial diffusion,…

    In general we feel attracted to any activity field where innovation is required, in particular

    we are interested in those companies that trust design as a powerful tool, those companies

    that wish to innovate and grow, ultimately, those which assume controlled risks in order to

    empower and maximize the efficiency of company resources, thus, creating new possibilities

    and business opportunities.

    We emphasize communication with our clients, especially at the beginning of the

    projects, when working plans and strategies are defined, bearing in mind that activities must

    flow as smoothly and efficiently as possible for the customer.

    Additionally, we offer support to companies in different areas of industrial design and

    engineering, such as project definition and planning, Project management, ideas and

    concepts visual presentations, 3D development and surfacing, drafting, FEA and CFD

    analysis, prototyping and modelling,…

  • c copyright Mellow Design 2010


    Gota Light.


    How would it feel to be surrounded by a rain of

    light drops? A scenery that could take us to a magical

    place. They could be Perseids or St.Lawrence tears,

    may be, a new form of liquid energy, perhaps, just

    a short instant that can bring to us light and harmony.


    Inspired by the high speed photography master

    Harold Edgerton on his milk drops in 1953. Gota is

    a frozen moment, that captures on its shape all the

    energy, complexity and freedom. The piece is made

    entirely in polyester resin, detail and shape continuity

    are achieved, by a silicone mould that has no partition

    lines. A GFRP Shell gives stability to the mould during

    casting, vacuum casting produce very fine results

    that require minimal post-processing.

    Ilumination comes via LED technology, whose

    properties are very low consumption together with

    high light control, and over 50.000 h life span. The

    base is made of a photoluminiscent material that

    shines in the darkness, once the light is switched


    Gota is an example of emotional design, where

    craftmanship during conception and modelmaking

    is combined with technology to produce short runs

    through vacuum casting process.


    Mellow Design, Valencia ( Internal proposal ).




  • c copyright Mellow Design 2010


    Mant Ray Light.


    Lamp inspired by the fluid motion of mant rays in

    the sea. The light is variable in color and intensity.


    This lamps represents an exercise of volume

    generation from planar sections.The different sections

    that produce the volume are cut using water jet

    technology, the necessary information for the cut is

    created by CAD. This technology produces clean

    and precise cuts that require no post-processing,

    Finally all parts are assembled together to shape

    the lamp.

    For the lighting, once again, LED technology has

    been the one choosen, bearing in mind its low

    consumption and long life properties, furthermore,

    RGB leds are the ones used, which have high color

    control with good dimming properties.

    This system, due to its development and

    construction simplicity, offers a wide range of

    possibilities to produce large format lamps and



    Mellow Design, Valencia ( Internal proposal ).



  • c copyright Mellow Design 2010


    Tetris shelves.


    Modular shelving system with components, that make the shelves dynamic and transformable, evolving with the age and creativity of kids.


    Tetris is a modular system where the well known electronic game has been materialised in a multifunctional piece of furniture, which is attractive and cool as much as for the kids as for their parents. The different combinations and possibilities emphasize the communication between parents and kids, using the furniture as an educational tool, to keep spaces tidy, to play with colours and shapes in the space, thus promoting creativi ty.

    Iconographic shelves that try to minimise the kid- electronic game dependence, bringing back the possibility of playing with classic games such as “noughts and crosses”, dartboard, basketball,…

    The system has a huge versatility, since it can grow in size, by adding new baseboards, as well as game components and storage modules.

    An important design target was to produce a piece of furniture that can grow with the kids, creating an emotional link and developing spacial vision awareness. At early ages, the parents will be the ones that have to reposition and play with the modules, following kids instructions, and as the kids grow, they will be the ones learning psicomotricity and precisión during assembly.


    Proposal 3rd Design contest "María Martinez Otero", Santiago de Compostela (Spain).