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For Sec 2 Geography

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  • 1.+ Population Pyramids

2. + What is it? A type of graph that shows the distribution of various age groups in a population. Different shapes can tell us if: A country is facing very high/low birth rates A country is suffering from growing/aging population Indicates good/poor health and medical care Level of development 3. + General Structure The left side of each pyramid shows the number of men in each age group The right side shows the number of women The longer the line, the more no. of people there are in that age group 4. + 3 main shapes Triangle Hexagon Cup 5. + Triangle Developing Country Most countries in Africa Widest btw 0 20 yrs old = High Birth Rates Narrowest at > 60 yrs = Low life expectancy 6. + Triangle Developing Country 7. + Hexagon Developed Country (Population still growing) United States Singapore Canada UK Widest btw 20 60 yrs old = Decreasing BRs Broadening top = Increasing life expectancy 8. + Hexagon Developed Country (Population still growing) 9. + Cup Shaped Developed Country (Population Aging) Japan Italy Germany Narrowest at the base = low birth rates Widest at >60 yrs = Aging population 10. + Cup Shaped Developed Country (Population Aging) 11. Singapore 1955 1980 2010 Click on pic to link to website