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    Our decades of experience and investment in research and development have been fed into the designs over the years, and the result is a comprehensive range of pontoons and barges that enjoy a reputation for flexibility towards clients, high quality, excellent seakeeping abilities and attractive pricing.

    A wide range of Damen pontoons and barges in many different configurations are available from stock. This enables us to offer the fastest possible delivery times for our customers’ convenience. In many cases our delivery times can be reduced to just a few weeks or even days - making them unbeatable. As well as a wide range of standard designs to facilitate speed of delivery, we can also provide customised barges or pontoons to meet specific requirements.

    Damen maintains a dedicated Pontoons & Barges division, giving our customers a single point of contact for expert advice and support.

    Damen Shipyards built one of its first barges in 1969 and since then has constructed hundreds of pontoons and barges for customers all over the world.

    pontoons & barges

    MODULAR bARge systeM

    stan pontoons

    custom barges

    bunker barges

    transshipment barges

    hopper/split barges

    crane barges

    pontoons and barges portfolio

    supporting vessels

    n Available from stock n Short delivery times n Plug and Play options n Wide range of sizes n High quality, long lifetime n Benchmark for the market

    n Tailor made designs n Extensive Damen experience n Make use of Damen Standards n Large network of suppliers n Multi-purpose barges n High quality, fast delivery

    n Standardized range n Short delivery times n Inland and Ocean going n Safety in operation n Plug and Play options n High quality standards

    n Loading and transhipment n Grab, container and breakbulk n Fuel efficient and easy operation n Reliable, high quality vessel n Inland and coastal operation n Large deck, smart winch layout

    n Experienced in dredging n Standardized range n Short delivery times n Safety in operation n Plug and Play options n High quality standards

    n Custom built, high quality vessels n Proven technology, innovative solutions n Design team of experts n Damen Services and Spare Parts n Reliable, high quality vessels n Large network of suppliers

    tugs workboats

  • 1989 Accommodation Barge

    2015 50th barge sold since 2010

    2015 New design and stock building of Stan Pontoons 4512

    2013 Biggest Stan Pontoon 12032 ‘Tobias’ delivered from stock

    2012 First strategic transport of stock pontoons

    2010 Multi Purpose Pontoon 8522

    1994 Popular Stan Pontoon 4512 equipped with an A-frame

    1988 15 barges for Ghana

    1986 Algerian Crane Barge Illizi with 200-tonne crane

    2014 First two Transshipment Crane Barges delivered, one for container- and one for dry-bulk transshipment

    2010 Launch of product group ‘Pontoons and Barges’

    a new generation of asd tugs

    delivery of the new psv 3300

    SucceSS built on experience and innovation damen shipyards group

    2015 Stan Pontoon 9127 ‘P-Mak’ delivered

    1975 Drill Pontoon 1608 for Indonesia

    damen history

    genesis of damen’s asd tugs

    expansion damen yard in gorinchem

    a range of standard hulls in stock axe bow concept developed royal schelde joins damen

    ocean-going vessels enters dredging market

    1969 1972 1975 1978 1981 1984 1987 1990 1993 1996 1999 2002 2005 2008 2011 20141927

    pushy cat 42 trialsdamen founded standard vessels at hardinxveld

    kommer damen takes over global activities damen shipyards group

    As a company our success is historically based on building all types of workboats including tugs, multicats and shoalbusters. Many industries use these workboats to handle and operate barges and, as a result, building non-propelled barges became common practice within our company, in numbers reaching into the hundreds. With demand for barges increasing steadily in recent years, Kommer Damen decided to start a new product group to focus on this sector, and the Pontoons and Barges division was born. We now have a specialised department to develop new products and work with clients on bespoke designs. Our portfolio consists of Pontoons, Bunker Barges, Hopper Barges and Crane Barges. For our standardised designs, a range of plug-and-play options are available, and we build and hold in stock many of our most popular barges to ensure ultra-short delivery times!


  • damen standard damen standard The delivery time for a Damen standardised vessel is considerably shorter than for one conventionally built. Our standard designs are available off the shelf and high demand vessels built on our own account for stock to ensure the shortest as possible delivery times.

    Damen’s focus on standardisation is one of our fundamental corporate values. In 1969, when Jan Damen handed the reins over to his son Kommer, the modular building concept was one of the first initiatives Kommer Damen introduced after listening carefully to client feedback.

    Four decades ago the standardisation concept was totally new in the shipbuilding industry, and even today it is still unusual. However, in each of our niche markets – from tugboats to pontoons and barges – Damen has developed a standard range.

    Although these vessels are all based on standard designs, they can be equipped from a wide of options to meet specific customer requirements. Our standard designs can also be tailor-made according to customer wishes or we can start from first principles and design a unique vessel. All of these options are no problem for Damen’s far-reaching capabilities.

    key to success StandardiSation

    Damen is the ideal partner for both standard and unique custom designs. We have decades of experience, a diverse portfolio of products and all the in-house expertise needed. All of these together ensure the best end result.

    custom-made projectsstandard pontoons and barges

    Damen’s standardisation policy allows us to reduce delivery times substantially. We build a wide variety of standard vessels on our own account and keep them in stock. All of our standard designs are worked out to the smallest detail, allowing us to deliver fully finished vessels very quickly and efficiently.

    We always have a global spread of stock available for the most popular models. These are built at various yards around the world to ensure that clients can have a new pontoon delivered within a few weeks, depending on transportation, which we also can arrange. Our focus is the provision of the best possible solutions for our clients in way of time, flexibility and quality.

    wide range of standard hulls in stock, finished to customer requirements

    proven design, short term delivery pontoons and barges in stock

    conventional shipbuilding

    transshipment barges are built for stock and can be used for dry bulk and containers

    c l

    ie n

    t r

    e q

    u e

    s t

    trials & delivery ultra short delivery timeoffer engineering installation of options

    o r

    d er

    trials & deliveryfinishing productionoffer engineering start production

    o rd


    production standard vesselengineering & standardisation vessel in stock



    b13 b11

    b16 b13

    b20 b16

    b24 b20


    b11 b09

    stan pontoon range crane barge range hopper barge range bunker barge range






    advantages of standardisation

    n Short delivery times due to stock hulls n Standard designs, plug-and-play options n Quality, reliability and proven technology n Continuous product development n High second-hand value

    n Competitive pricing n Low maintenance costs n Fast response to customer requests n Benchmark for the industry n Interchangeability of ships, crew, spares

  • Think global, acT local DTC

    Damen can supply pontoons and barges from its own shipyards or assist clients in building their own vessels locally via Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC).

    DTC can deliver everything from just the licence and vessel design right up to a full materials package for the entire Damen vessel portfolio. If required, DTC can also provide building assistance and even yard upgrades. This highly flexible option results in a valuable transfer of technology and enables owners to enjoy Damen quality combined with the convenience of local production.

    Demand for the DTC programme is being driven by factors such as the growing global trend for countries to place limits on imported goods and services to boost local production, and geographical restrictions that prevent the delivery of finished vessels to areas of operations due to limited access. Damen has responded by providing customers with a flexible, comprehensive solution that enables them to buy Damen vessels, wherever they are in the world, while satisfying local sourcing requirements.

    transfer of shipbuilding technology

    Damen yard / Joint venture Business cooperation Partner yard

    brazil Wilson, Sons**

    cuba Damex*

    qatar Nakilat Damen Shipyards Qatar*

    south africa Damen Shipyards Cape Town

    u.a.e. Albwardy Marine Engineering* Damen Shipyards Sharjah (FZE)*

    * Joint venture ** Business cooperation

    china Damen Shipyards Changde Damen Yichang S