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POLYMERS IN SPORTS POWERPOINT BY: KYLE MORGAN TENNIS http://encina.pntic.mec.es/ lgom0016/tenis/tenis.jpg



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Types of equipment are used in tennis

The most important thing in tennis that you need is a tennis racket and a tennis ball. Then if you want to play the real game you have to have a net and the out lines on the court to tell if the ball went out of bounds.



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The tennis ball and racket A tennis racket is a sports implement

consisting of a handled frame with an open hoop across which a network of cord is stretched tightly across and to hit the ball hard. A tennis ball is a ball designed for the sport of tennis, approximately 6.7 cm.



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The evolution/history of the tennis racket

By the 14th century, players had begun using what we could legitimately call a racquet with strings made of gut bound in a wooden frame. The Italians are often credited with this invention because they created it. By the 1500, racquets were in widespread use. The early racquets had a long handle and a small, teardrop-shaped head. With a more oval head, they would have looked much like a squash racquet. Which now it is better and well made now to play



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Describe how polymers have improved the tennis racket

How polymers had improved the racket was that if polymers was never created there would of never been strings for the racket.



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Describe the evolution/history of the tennis ball

Louis XI of France forbade the filling of tennis balls with chalk, sand, sawdust, earth, and stated that they were to be made of good leather perfectly stuffed with wool. Early tennis balls were made by Scottish craftsmen from a wool-wrapped stomach of a sheep or goat which is nasty and tied with rope.


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Describe how polymers have improved the tennis

If polymers have not help improve the tennis ball it would not be able to last as long and be able to bounce.



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our football field/outdoor track and discuss how polymers were important in the construction of it and other fields like it.

Polymers help with the Niles west fields and other by making all the kinds of fields very easy to clean up.