Polymers In Soccer

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Polymers in soccer By: Valeria Younan http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/thumb_241/1204059075G7djK9.jpg


how polymers are in soccer

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Polymers in soccerBy: Valeria Younanhttp://thumbs.dreamstime.com/thumb_241/1204059075G7djK9.jpg

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Types of equipment used in soccer

Soccer ball Net Cleats Shin guards Equipment bag uniform water bottle http://library.thinkquest.org/59

32/EQUIP.HTM http://www.gearwest.com/images/W/Adidas-Pred



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How a soccer ball and a net is used in soccer



a soccer ball is used to make the sport soccer. Without the ball, the game would have not exist. The soccer ball is used to score the ball into the goal/net.


The cleats in soccer are used to protect the players from slipping while they’re running since the cleats are made out of a rubber like material.

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History of the soccer ball Soccer balls back then used to

be made out of everyday materials.

The Aztecs used small bouncy rubber balls in their basketball/soccer game of hoop kicking.

The Chinese use to use sown up leather balls stuffed with light materials inside of it.

The most common soccer balls back then were made up of animal bladder. Since pigs were most common for food source in the winter, their bladders were often extracted, cleaned, inflated, and kicked around.



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Polymers improving the soccer ball

http://www.emmortonrec.com/content/74/images/Soccer_Indoor.jpg With polymers being used

in soccer, now the ball is harder and more firm so now it is easier for the ball to move around and for the players to kick it around.

Before, the ball was not as firm and was made out of materials that are soft in a way. Polymers improved the soccer ball because now it is more easier to control the ball while playing the game.

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History of the soccer cleats The way that soccer cleats

were made before was way different than they are made now. Soccer cleats have been changing every ten years or so in the 1900’s. Back then, soccer cleats were heavy boots that weighed a lot. Now, the cleats are light weighed.



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Polymers improving soccer cleats http://


Polymers improved soccer cleats or “boots” because now the material is more rubbery instead of being a heave boot. It gives more protection against a player slipping and injuring them selves. The soccer cleats are now also more light weight which won’t slow the player down.

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Polymers in the track field of N.W Polymers in a construction

of a football field and other fields because they are made up of a rubber like material. Since the field is made out of rubber/plastic, there is a less chance of injuries for the players/runners who are playing/ competing.