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Polymers in Basketball By: Maddy Ledesma



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Polymers in BasketballBy: Maddy Ledesma

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Equipment • Basketball• Full Court• Net & Rim• Backboard • Uniform• Basketball Shoes


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Basketball & Net • The basketball is the main equipment. The object of the

game is to shoot the basketball in the net and to get more points than the other team.

• The net is where you have to shoot the ball in to get the points.


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Evolution/History• History of the basketball; basketball was invented in

December 1891. They are made out of rubber and beneath the surface, deep within each basketball lies a grid work of nylon, rubber, and a material called butyl.


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Polymers improved basketball• Polymers improved basketball because, a good game

of basketball is all about chemistry. The ball, the court, the backboard, uniforms and the shoes are all made of long chain molecules called polymers.


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Basketball Uniforms• Today, both men and women wear the standard basketball

uniform consisting of a pair of shorts and a sleeveless tank top. The shorts were shorter in the 1970's and 1980's, but they fell on the knee in the 1990's.


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Polymers improved uniforms• Polymers improved basketball uniforms by synthetic

materials. It helps them because the uniforms are comfortable to play in.


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Football Fields• The football made from polyurethane to the football field

turf made from polyethylene.  Both of these polymers are man-made polymers. It also was better to run on and when someone fell it wouldn’t hurt as much.