Polymer In Sport

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Polymer in Sport Soccer By Steven Apple
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By Steven Apple

Transcript of Polymer In Sport

  • Polymer in Sport Soccer By Steven Apple
  • The different types of equipment
    • Soccer cleats
    • Soccer ball
    • Soccer field
    • Shin guards
  • What each piece is used for in the sport
    • Shin guards: Are used to protect your shin because that area is the most common area to get injured
    • Soccer ball: Is important because it is used to score points and do crazy tricks with.
  • The history of Shin guards
    • Shin guards for football were invented in Nottingham in the late 19th Century. As a protection to avoid getting injured in the game.
  • How polymer improved the game of soccer
    • Polymer improved shin guards to make it light weight and easy to run with on your legs
  • The history of the soccer ball
    • Since the history of the soccer game can be traced back to ancient times, it's quite clear that the soccer balls used back then were improvisations made out of daily used materials. The Aztecs used small, bouncy rubber balls in their basketball-soccer game of hoop kicking, whereas Chinese warriors would often enjoy a game of no-rules soccer using sewn up leather balls stuffed with light materials.
  • How polymer improved soccer balls
    • Polymer improved the soccer ball to make it also light weight to kick around and have enough grip to it to go tricks with.
  • Football field/outdoor track
    • Polymer was important in the construction of the football field and outdoor track because it made it easy to clean and administer. Also they made it comfortable to run on and soft enough so it someone fell they wouldnt get hurt, But hard enough to bounce stuff on.