Polyglotte Launch Party!

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This is our launch party deck.

Transcript of Polyglotte Launch Party!

  • 1. Daniela Semeco Founder/CEO Polyglotte Inc. June 12, 2014 Polyglotte Inc. 2014 http://youtu.be/WTTzFr-1wLY

2. Third culture kids: Polyglotte Inc. 2014 3. Languages we currently support: Czech Danish Dutch English Esperanto Finnish French German Hungarian Italian Polish Portuguese Romanian Spanish Swedish Turkish Welsh Polyglotte Inc. 2014 4. WHAT? iOS app Android app Physical keyboards (USB/ wireless) Keyboard stickers (with software support for Windows, Mac and Linux)+ Polyglotte Inc. 2014 5. Product value The PolyKeyboard will allow you to work more efficiently and with less frustration. You will be able to communicate more effectively and with more confidence. Less frustration = a happier and healthier work environment Time = Money Polyglotte Inc. 2014 6. Benefits and Features You will save time and energy when writing in multiple languages. You will be more productive. You'll no longer be required to use cntrl + combinations, which can cause tendonitis. No more switching between different keyboards: constant visual support. The keyboard is highly adaptable and customizable. Quantity discounts are available. Polyglotte Inc. 2014 7. Meet the Team Polyglotte Inc. 2014 Mentor/software engineer Daniela Semeco inventor/founder Stan Osborne Mentor/business development Antonio Semeco Computer scientist/ technical advisor 8. http://youtu.be/OkmaEpkhTqU Demo Video: 9. www.polykeyboards.com TM Polyglotte Inc. 2014