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Transcript of Polarity)Wellness)Tarot) · PDF filePolarity Wellness Tarot Basics! Polarity)Wellness)Tarot)...

  • Polarity Wellness Tarot Basics!

    Polarity Wellness Tarot by Miriam Jacobs

    all rights reserved 2014


    This file introduces you to Polarity Wellness Tarot and reveals the possibili=es of fusing Tarot with the body and other systems for comprehensive healing. It guides you to connect the dots. Since Tarot is based on universal elements, it is cohesive with other systems also derive from universe elements. Be open to stretch. Trust your intui=on and then affirm it with the Tarot. Be crea=ve and get ready to explore.


  • Polarity Wellness Tarot Basics


    A"ribu'ng knowledge of other systems eases your use of Polarity Wellness Tarot. Choosing Cards. 2 History of Tarot... 3 Tarot Structure.... 4 Set Up - Minor Arcana, Courts & Major Arcana 5 Numerology 6 Polarity Wellness Tarot.. 7 The Elements, Individual Suits, and the Body. 8 Astrology as the Bridge.. 9 Top Symbols Order on Top of PWT cards... 10 Top Symbol Layout. 11 Polarity Elements 12 Touch Symbols.. 13 Zodiac Symbols. 14-15 Planet symbols.. 16 Chakras.. 17 Minor Arcana - Air, Fire, Water, Earth 18-21 Major Arcana - 3 Rows of 7 Cards 22-26 Court Cards. 27 PWT - Prac\ce Breakdown 28 4 Elemental Spread... 29 Elemental Spread Direc\ons 30 Wrap up and Contacts 31 About the Author.. 32 !!


  • Polarity Wellness Tarot Basics!


    Generally speaking a tarot card reading may: Help us make personal choices, see the underlying reasons behind events, help focus intui\on, affirming what we are sensing or already know. Tarot informs us as what to expect. Tarot readings opens the conversa\on with others and points out what is going on in our unconscious mind. A PWT reading does all this and then suggests mindful prac\ces that empowers us as to reframe and make changes happen.

    Start with asking mundane ques=ons or pick one card each day. Intuit the meaning and study up on that card. Observes what happens. Keep a journal.

    Choosing Cards


  • Polarity Wellness Tarot Basics


    History The origins of the Tarot are unknown. There are depic\ons of fortune telling through out art history. Sources indicate one or all of the following may be the case. !Tarot was: a book of wisdom from Ancient Egypt and meant Royal Road of Life derived out of the Tree of Life (Kabbalah) - Hebrew - Torah was a pictorial way for gypsies, who spoke different languages, to communicate made as a wedding giY made for the marriage union between the Viscon= &

    Sforza families (15th century Renaissance Italy) in La=n meant Rota Wheel

    For a \me, the use of Tarot cards went underground and were considered evil and feared. In the early 20th century new groups formed along with new interpreta\ons of Tarot, from Paul Foster Case and the school of the BOTA, to the Secret Society of the Golden Dawn; Aleister Crowleys Thoth deck (designed by Lady Frieda Harris) and the Rider/Wait deck (designed by Pamela Smith).


  • Polarity Wellness Tarot Basics


    Structure TAROT is similar to playing cards (52 cards). Except that in each of the 4 suits, there are 4 court cards instead of 3 (thats 56 cards). Plus an addi\onal 22 cards, Major Arcana making a Tarot deck a total of 78 cards. The suits have different names but always relate to the 4 elements. ! Air Fire Water Earth


  • Polarity Wellness Tarot Basics!


    Set up 78 cards total 56 Minor Arcana cards in 4 suits 40 number cards with 16 court cards 22 Major Arcana cards

    Minor Arcana - describes ma0er at hand, detailed through suits/elements. Minor secrets !Court Cards - specific people that influence the reading or aspects of yourself that relate to psychological states also through suits/elements. !Major Arcana - Archetypical symbols of the journey of life. Major secrets. Also based on pathways of the Kabbalah and therefore, the Hebrew le:ers (neither are included in this presenta\on).


  • Polarity Wellness Tarot Basics


    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Numerology - a system within itself Every deck incorporates numbers ! Interprets the numbers of the spelling of your name and birth date Is based on early philosophical theories Explores the rela\onship between physical objects or living things

    General Number Meanings 1. New beginning, seed, individual 2. Polarity, balance, rela=onship, opposite 3. Triangle, body/mind/spirit, trinity, synthesis, coopera=on, integra=on 4. Square, four direc=ons/corners/seasons/elements, founda=on, stability, order 5. Pentagram, struggle, change, crisis, conflict 6. Cube, triumph, harmony and beauty, reciprocity, exchange, decisive ac=on 7. Chakras/days of the week/wonders of the world, inner work or process, a challenge, mastery 8. Change, inspira=on, rhythm or octave, progress 9. Comple=on, culmina=on, transi=on, resolu=on 10.Manifesta=on in full form, transforma=on, abundance


  • Polarity Wellness Tarot Basics!


    Polarity Wellness Tarot is based on classic Tarot. Fused with Polarity Therapy, and other systems, the cards suggest insights as well as show where to focus in the body and what to do to move energy to promote change and balance. Images are digitally designed collages that show the Polarity Energy Man on each card, who highlights areas to focus your ajen\on. There are color-coded reference symbols on the top of each card that integrate elements, touch types to use, astrology and chakra ajributes. The deck comes with a User Guide (By Miriam Jacobs with Stephanie Swafford) that contains concise card meanings with suggested mind body prac\ces. for more on Polarity Therapy see: hjp://polaritywellness.com/what-is-polarity-therapy/


  • Polarity Wellness Tarot Basics


    On the lower right hand corner of each Polarity Wellness Tarot card is a Polarity Energy man with color-coded anatomical references. These highlight areas show you where to contact the body, or where to to focus your ajen\on to create change from the lessons of each card. Please refer to the PWT Users Guide or Tarot and the Chakras for specific card meanings and suggested prac\ces. for more on Polarity Therapy see: hjp://polaritywellness.com/what-is-polarity-therapy/

    Ether Air Fire Water Earth Major Swords Wands Cups Pentacles Arcana


  • Polarity Wellness Tarot Basics




    Aries forehead2,3,4 of wandscardinal fire

    Taurus neck5,6,7 of pentaclesfixed earth

    Gemini shoulders8,9,10 of swordsmutable air

    Cancer chest2,3,4 of cupscardinal water

    Leo solar plexus5,6,7 of wandsfixed fire

    Virgo colon8,9,10 of pentaclesmutable earth

    Libra kidneys 2,3,4 of swordscardinal air

    Scorpio genitals5,6,7 of cupsfixed water

    Sagittarius thighs8,9,10 of wandsmutable fire

    Capricorn knees2,3,4 of pentaclescardinal earth

    Aquarius ankles5,6,7 of swordsfixed air

    Pisces feet8,9,10 of cupsmutable water

    Crown ChakraMajor Arcana VIII-XIV PURPLE

    Third Eye ChakraMajor Arcana XV-XXIIndigo

    Ether ChakraMajor Arcana I-VIIBLUE

    Air ChakraswordsGREEN

    Fire Chakra


    Water ChakracupsORANGE

    Earth ChakrapentaclesRED

    Astrology is the bridge to Polarity Anatomy with

    Tarot. !Randolph Stone, founder of Polarity Therapy gave astrological references to the body. !Aleister Crowley, creator of the Thoth deck, gave astrological references to the Tarot. !The Vedics and Tibetans gave elemental references for the Chakras. !The elements designated for the body and the Chakras easily translate to Tarot suits.


  • Polarity Wellness Tarot Basics!


    On the top of each card is a row of helpful referenced symbols: Aces - element/suit, touch, chakra Minors - element/suit, touch, planet, astrological, chakra Majors - element/suit, touch, planet, astrological, chakra Courts - element/suit, touch, sub-element, chakra Sub elements in court cards - Kings - fire (+), Queens - water (-), Knights - fire (+), Pages - (0) earth

    PTW is great as an aid for learning other systems. They may serve as flashcards for energy bodyworks and healers.


  • Polarity Wellness Tarot Basics!



  • Polarity Wellness Tarot Basics


    Ether - (container of all elements, joints) return to spirit, grief, space, hearing, cranial sacral, music, elonga=on !Air - (shoulders, kidney, ankles) sca0ered, quick, light, thoughts, touch, dance, speed, east !Fire - (forehead, solar plexus, thighs) anger, forgiveness, enthusiasm, pukng out in world, clarity, sight, visual arts, shaking, south !Water -