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Poisonous Animals. Poison Dart Frog. Origin. Dendrobatidae family. Name origin. Origin of it’s name: used as weapon. Blue Poison Dart Frog. Dendrobates azureus Few Rain forest island of Southern Suriname. Characteristics. Daily active Brilliant color, complex patterns - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Poisonous Animals

Poisonous AnimalsPoison Dart Frog

OriginDendrobatidae family

Name originOrigin of its name: used as weapon

Blue Poison Dart FrogDendrobates azureusFew Rain forest island of Southern Suriname

CharacteristicsDaily activeBrilliant color, complex patternsMany are deadly poisonousCan ClimbPoor swimmerCharacteristicsSize : 1 - 7cmWeight : few gramsLife time : 3 - 15 years

Its poisonMost poisonous animal in the world0.2 g to kill 1 personGolden Dart Frog has 200 g

Poisons useNatural defense against predator

AlkaloidsComplex nitrogenous compounds24 structural classes known in dart frog

BatrachotoxinNeurotoxins, a potent nerve poison

PredatorsAmazon ground snake

Dietary HypothesisSequester arthropod preys toxins

Wild-caught specimens lose their toxicity within timeCaptive born specimens are completely non-toxicFrogs introduced to non-native place have different alkaloid toxins


Plant-Insect-Frog toxin food chainCommun Alkaloids toxins

Alkaloid sequestrationPoison glands

Species with Similar VenomHooded Pitohui

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