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  • Digital Signage & KiosksAffordable digital signage hardware and software applications.

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  • Digital Signage & KiosksAffordable digital signage hardware and software applications.

    What is digital signage?Digital signage is a form of dynamic communication using digital display screens such as LCD, touch screens, or projectors in public venues out-of-home. It can provide sales uplift as a corporate communications device, advertising tool or digital menu board.

    How it works?Each display is connected dynamically to a network connection which allows for content editing on-the-fly. You can schedule your HD content for playback at specific times of day, targeting the audience of your choice simply by remotely logging onto the server.

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    Power your brand across your network

    Impress, Inform and Entertain customers with HD LCD screens with live feeds and touchscreen technology

    Best of all. Save Costs and GO paper.less - Switching from print to digital


  • Digital Signage & KiosksAffordable digital signage hardware and software applications.

    Post changes to your menu instantaneously

    Control Energy Costs

    Improve Customer Service

    View Solutions For:


    Auto Dealerships





    House of Worship

    Information Display



    Shopping Malls

    & Much More

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  • React up-tp-the minute information changes. Flight Delays, Cancellations, Gate information or security regulations

    Enhance the check-in experience. Travelers can avoid long lines by using touchscreen kiosks to print tickets, change seats and even add options like extra legroom.

    Generate additional revenue. Promote airport stores, restaurants and local tourism in high-traffic areas like concourses and escalators.

    Avoid black screens. Sends alerts to IT teams if there are problems

  • Use video walls to showcase your vehicles in action.

    Set up a networked kiosk that collects feedback for sales and research purposes. Learn which models and colors attracts the most attention from customers.

    Double tour marketing power and add life to your showroom.

    Live TV feeds and kiosk displays entertain customers as they wait for maintenance service.

  • Even before the rst handshake you can make a lasting impression on new clients, employees and guests with lobby displays

    Lobbies are not longer waiting rooms, they can be interactive, dynamic backdrops to your most important business meet-and-greets.

    If youre running late for a meeting, guests can be occupied and entertained with TV programming or other video content.

    Tell your success stories and Increase your contacts.

  • Reach out to students and faculty with emergency bulletins, class notices and event promotions.

    Impress prospective students, parents and visitors with a progressive, technology-forward school environment.

    Help with way-finding. Visitors will no longer feel lost with interactive maps.

    Show off your school pride. Replace your old equipment

  • Optimize your advertising. Drive trafc to your gift shop or promote fund-raising events.

    Enhance the waiting room. Provide a more relaxing atmosphere with live TV, news and weather feeds.

    Connect with your patients. Alert them to offers that arent normally promoted, like chapel hours or hospital services.

    Control content through the web. Hospital staff can easily access the display network through a browser.

  • Impress them with way-nding screens, self-check-in kiosks, TV programming and instant trafc, ight and weather updates.

    Allow you to change information with a click. Holidays and weather could require updates in your pool, lobby and restaurant hours.

    Promote new offerings. Inform your guests about newly renovated rooms, package deals and holiday specials.

    Interactive kiosks encourage guests to leaver their comments as well as profile and contact information, allowing for future mailings and targeted promotions.

  • Church activities,member announcements and committee reminders can be scrolled on-screen before, during and after services.

    Change content with a click. Last-minute slideshow revisions with a easy-to-use, remote log-in software

    Be visible but not distracting. Screens can seamlessly blend into your existing church environment with custom-built enclosures and wall mounts.

    Make your church services and ceremonies even more dynamic and engaging.

  • Information can be displayed through video and sound, you can instantly change admission prices, information alerts and last-minute promotions. (Reduce costs in printing and shipping)

    Enable you to offer printouts on demand. Touchscreen kiosks can help visitors customize maps and brochures to take with them.

    Design your own content.

    Let you trade the old for the new. Total Trade program gives you cash for your outdated technology equipment toward our solution.

  • Cost-effective solutions that keep trafc owing - and coming back for more.

    Allow you to post changes to your menu instantaneously. If youre running low on stock or need to push an item that isnt selling, its easy to make immediate updates.

    Customers can use screens to look at menu offerings, live feeds or mouth-watering advertisements.

    Customizable live TV helps everyone feel at home as they gather at your restaurant to watch their favorite shows.

  • Ensure your digital signage is displayed in a timely fashion. By handling digital les internally, theres no more relying on outside vendors.

    Add ambiance to your store environment. Easily customize music, video and messaging according to holidays or special shopping events.

    Decrease perceived wait times with digital displays. Customers are entertained with live TV feeds or your own promotional messaging.

    Bring customers back. Using interactive kiosks, customers can learn about upcoming store events and register for mailing lists.

  • Double your real estate. Change a typical static area of real estate into a rich, interactive experience. Without sacricing additional square footage.

    Touchscreen kiosks offer way-finding help and retrieve valuable data from users.

    Activate your advertising. Motion-activated screens can come to life as a shopper passes by, encouraging fun, personable interaction with the interested viewer.

    Large-screen LCD panels help enhance high-traffic areas like food courts with live TV programming, news feeds and latest promotions.

  • Digital Signage & KiosksAffordable digital signage hardware and software applications.

    Basic Includes basic scheduling of


    ProfessionalBasic features plus additional storage,

    reporting, and template creation

    EnterpriseProfessional features

    plus additional storage, advanced interactivity, &


    KioskEnterprise features

    plus interactive kiosk functionality

    and scripting

    $19.99 $49.99 $69.99 $79.99HD Video &Images

    Schedule & Playlist Mgmt

    Template Creation

    Advanced Content (RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Flash,

    Live TV & External Video

    Multiple Independent Screens (4 Maxs)

    Kiosk functionality & scripting

    Demo Unit Available

    Concept Solutions Pricing ContactHome

    * Digital Media Player not included in Prices

    ** Design & Layout creation not included in Prices

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