Poetry Project About Nature By: Davis Guest. Acrostic Poem About Nature D angerous A dventure V...

download Poetry Project About Nature By: Davis Guest. Acrostic Poem About Nature D angerous A dventure V isible I nsects S nakes By: Davis Guest

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Transcript of Poetry Project About Nature By: Davis Guest. Acrostic Poem About Nature D angerous A dventure V...

Poetry Project

PoetryProjectAbout NatureBy: Davis GuestAcrostic Poem About NatureDangerousAdventureVisibleInsectsSnakesBy: Davis Guest

Haiku 1The RiverI am a river,The source or running water.I end at the sea.

By: Davis Guest

Haiku 2 (Translation Unknown)

By: Just Patty

Raindrops Falling DownSoftly Landing On Your CheekLike A Kiss Of Nature

Haiku 3UnknownAn old silent pondA frog jumps into the pond,splash! Silence again.By: Basho Matsuo

Limerick 1The FrogAs the frog jumps leaf to leaf,He doesnt get any grief.Doing so gets him hyped up,Which makes him feel like a cup.Thats why hes called Master Chief!By: Davis Guest

Couplet 1The SnakeI am a snake,I would really like a shake.

But all I have to eat is a mouse,Inside of a house.

As much as I want a shake.All I can get is stuff at the lake.

But by the moon changes the tide,I have to go hide.

By: Davis GuestCouplet 2The TreeI once was a little fellow,With a dude that sat by me with a chelou.

But one day I wasnt so small,I grew 50 feet tall!

But on one day a little boy climbed,He climbed so high that he was a prime.

When he got to the top I asked him for his name,He said his name was Jack and was getting a ball for a game.

But the fellow looked like a familiar fellow,And he was the boy with the chelou!

By: Davis GuestCouplet 3Natures Beauty By: Liam Mcdaid

Couplet 4Rainbow Skies

By: Connie Marcum Wong

Triplet 1The Bird as the ThirdI am a bird.A bird that was always the third.Which always was last to say our word.

But as a bird.I was always the nerd.And apart of the herd.

In which I couldnt hear the sounds of life,and had no wife.But all I had was a knife!

Holding the knife always made me blurred.While eating some curd.But I am just a bird.

By: Davis GuestTriplet 2Bird In a Piano

By: Leslie Philibert

Triplet 3The Lizards QuestI crawl around the room,Looking for the legendary ring of the broom.Which is in the kings tomb.

I see a notch in the wall,Thats guarded by a ball.Then yell at my friends with our secret call.

We pry open the tomb of the king,And opened with a ding.Then I see what I have been searching forthe kings ring!

By: Davis Guest

Quadruplets1-3The Wind

The wind blows with chilly air,But with no care.But without any hair,I had to sit over there.

The Tree's Story

I am full of life, without no strife.I stand here tall,Giving shade to all.

The Grass in the Wind

I blow in the wind,And I also bend.But when the air flows,I am ready to know.

All By: Davis Guest

SonnetI feel Gods Breath In Nature

By: Peter Douggan

ConcreteThe Eternal Tree

By: KristinReynoldsOdeAn Ode To Nature

By: Matthew D. Nortan